Want to play a "game" with me?

Really it's more like an inspiration tool. I find I can sometimes get more creative when I'm working within limitations. I thought you might want to play it with me! There is no winner or loser, just something for inspiration and fun.

So what I did was take some blank dice and write different painting elements on them. The idea is simple, roll the dice, and make a painting using all those elements! Not exclusively, you can add other things, but those all need to be represented.

So you have to figure out your composition, focal point, and all that to make an interesting painting. It can be any style, any size. Feel free to be as wacky or as serious as you want. The idea is to push yourself beyond your usual choices in paintings. Sound fun?

Here are the elements on each die:
#1 Colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple
#2 Lighting: sunrise/sunset, long shadows, overcast, sunny, night, back lit
#3 Elements: mountains, hills, bushes, flowers, trees, rocks
#4 Elements 2: ocean, river/creek, fence, path/road, meadow, lake
#5 Horizon: distance+Mid+foreground, mid+foreground, foreground, 1/3 sky, 2/3 sky, no sky
#6 Elements 3: figure, animal, building, furniture, garden, vehicle
#7 Color Schemes: complimentary, analogous, saturated, split complimentary, neutrals, any 3 tubes + white
#8 Seasons: spring, summer, fall, winter, rain, snow

So the picture below shows "our" first roll of the dice. Shall we give it a try?

If you have any questions, or are confused, or just have a comment, please do!

Whenever you'd like, just post your questions, your painting, your idea, or sketch, or work in progress. Or just let me know if you think it is a fun idea

I found myself thinking about this last night as I was falling asleep, and felt those old familiar creative juices starting to flow. I kind of hate when that happens when I'm trying to go to sleep because it keeps me awake! But it just reminded me that the benefit we get from thinking creatively, when we paint or in any other part of our lives, is an end in itself! So even if you aren't wanting to paint, take a moment to close your eyes and move those elements around in your mind to look for a "solution" and see how that effects your motivation, thought processes and mood!

So the dice read: Purple (predominant color), Saturated (general color scheme), Fall (season), Midground+Foreground (ie no far distance), garden, meadow, sunny, bushes.

For more explanation of die #7 - Color Schemes - click here

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Ok, not my best but it was fun. Tried to do different type of trees I think I failed in that area. Still it as fun.


Nice! So glad you had fun, too! Love the footprints :)  I see all the elements in there :) Thanks for sharing!

Here my inspiration from Karen's first roll of the dice. But I don't know how to post it so that it will show??? I see the attachment is here if you want to open it...or someone please share the secret to posting :)


I like it, detail on the pot, and the shadows from the shoe and the pot, your flowers look great too. I uploaded mine in the same way you did, I think Karen must have loaded it for all to see. Good job.

Thanks for your comments Cindy.  I thought I was missing something on the upload.  

This is lovely Susan! I see the inspiration from the purple in the flowers. It's fun to use the dice as an inspiration jumping off point and see where it takes you!

As far as getting the photo in the body of your post, you can read more about that here:


If you are using a mobile device like a phone, you might not see the toolbar across the top as described. You can either upload from a desktop computer, or I can fix it for you later like I did this time :)

Glad you played along on this one!

Thanks Karen. Love the game. I have to use my brain as opposed to a reference!    

It's kind of fun, isn't it?

so is there a new challenge in the brew or another roll of the dice;)

Hi Cindy,

You can find the new roll here:http://paintwithkarenilari.ning.com/forum/topics/new-dice-game-roll

Or just go to the "discussions" tab and choose "challenges" you can get there that way as well


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