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At 9:18am on June 2, 2018, Mary said…

Hi Charles - so nice to hear from you.  I've been out of the loop on Karen's site busy taking a drawing class at the community college thru early May and now the visitor/company stream starts.  Was really glad I did it but I put my painting down for the whole time.  Starting to get back into it now.  I haven't been on Karen's site for quite some time also because I find the more I'm on it, the less I paint!

So glad to hear you are finally getting to your point of destination - good luck for the next steps and please continue to keep in touch; it's always nice to hear from you!!!

Maybe when we get back into painting I could send you some photos if you would be interesting in critiquing them - not sure if I'll post on Karen's site again or not but I always appreciated your commentary.

Enjoy the ride!!!  Mary

At 12:13pm on January 30, 2018, Catherine said…

awe... thank you so much... i am learning so much .. love it!

At 6:24am on June 25, 2017, Janet Rydberg said…

thank you for the greeting and the tips. I am starting at the beginning and am learning a lot. Starting with the color chart. I am pretty much self taught and need the beginner lessons.

At 6:03pm on May 20, 2017, Gina Peckford said…
Thanks, so much, Charles, for the welcome. Nice to hear you know Kingston! I'm very new at this and plan to start with Karen's tips about colour charts to get to know my colours.
At 8:33am on November 16, 2016, Wanda McDonald said…

Charles, it is very mild where I live....hardly ever freezes and this are not really out in the main elements, in fact the soil of this brick garden needs watering every couple of weeks during the winter, so I would water around them.. I also sealed the rocks before painting on them and then sealed them again after the painting was done. Will see how it goes.

At 2:12pm on October 16, 2016, Tracy Carr said…
Thanks so much!
At 4:53pm on October 9, 2016, Mary said…

Hi Charles:  I only wish I could compete with some of the talent up here.  It's a big artist community so there is always somewhere to go and look at other people's art work which I love.  Sound like you are ok where you'll be, whenever that happens.  Hope your daughter is safe and minimal damage. Mother Nature is having her way.  

At 4:51pm on September 12, 2016, Corinne Comeau said…

Hey, thanks for the info, I do know Andre and Maxine Boudreau (small world).  I just started painting in June so I probably won't be posting any photos any time soon, lol

At 10:05am on July 19, 2016, Lainie Hoglan said…

Thank you for the welcome, Charles.  I love the outer banks, NC, haven't been there in years.  But wouldn't trade Sedona for anything.  Relocated from Poconos 3 years ago, and been taking tons of photos, but want to get back into painting.  I dabbled with watercolors, took a couple of Community College classes about 10 years ago after retiring, and mostly did snow and stream, scenes.  It was gorgeous there in the winter.  Want to try acrylics now.  I keep looking out the window at the red rocks, down in my flower garden, and at my photos, and know acrylic painting is very different from watercolor, just need to jump in and get my feet wet, but decided to watch a couple of videos to get  a few techniques.  Really enjoyed the geranium garden series, so joined the group, but not sure what the group is all about, or how to post.

At 2:33pm on February 17, 2016, Philippe JOLLIVET said…

Hi Charles! I'm glad you gave me your opinion about my abstract (we should do that more often). It's very interesting, argued and helpful. The point is that I understand intellectually everything you explained but... I can't really feel it by myself (that's the big problem with abstracts).

(Moreover the left side of the real painting in more light than the photo.) So I think I'm going to let this painting in its poor condition. Don't hesitate to express a critical point of view on my paintings. That's the way to improve oneself. Thanks again. Philippe

At 6:03pm on January 18, 2016, Mary said…

Hi Charles:  Glad to be friends, thanks for asking.  We will almost be neighbors!  We moved here from Chicago in June, 2014 and could not be more pleased with our decision.  The weather is a big improvement - all seasons but especially winter.  

I hope this note reaches you the way you  mentioned - I'm a little challenged with this website.  For example, except for your train picture for your Grandchild, I can't find out how to see you other paintings! 

At 5:36pm on December 3, 2015, Catherine Agnew said…

OK, now I know I am a beginner....I have no idea what you mean....what is a "mister"? I went to Michaels Crafts and just bought canvas that were 2 to a pack....I am learning a lot already from being on this website! Thanks!!

At 4:07pm on December 1, 2015, Catherine Agnew said…

Thank you Charles for your kind message welcoming me to the group. I am semi-retired so time spent painting is a welcome diversion with winter upon us here in Nova Scotia. Have posted my first painting and will continue with Karen's tutorials and will post again. .....Catherine

At 5:53pm on November 13, 2015, Cindy Carriger said…

Charles, in response to your explanation of Yellow Ochre and Yellow Oxide...very helpful.  However, im not even sure where my orig. question is to go back and review it...and you said you put some green samples using both of the yellows, and im not sure where to view them either.  Thanks for going to the length you did in your explanation - im sure it will help other's too!  

PS love your photo's above!

At 11:48am on November 13, 2015, Wanda McDonald said…

Hi Charles. Thank you for your comment and question on my warm up watercolour. I replied on my page, but thought you might not see it so have added it here:

I use tube colours, but I also use tube colours that are 20 years old and have been sitting in palette wells for all that does that now make them pan watercolour LOL! A lot of my watercolours are so old that they have dried in the tube, so I just split the tubes open and used them as pan just fine! So I've not had to spend very much on paint...just added a few newer colours like Quin Gold and Gold Green and I was out of Paynes Grey.

Still have all my brushes from 20 years ago and paper, so that's why I've been doing watercolour lately (cost free at the moment). I tried doing wc in the mid 90's and totally failed, so am trying again since all the supplies are on hand.

I do not see why you could not also do acrylic warm ups (I've even thought about that). Fluid acrylic would be great for that.

At 11:11am on November 13, 2015, Karen Ilari said…

And your comments are so very appreciated as well! :)

At 8:15pm on November 12, 2015, Karen Ilari said…

Charles, Oh my. I can't thank you enough for your donation! Wow. Thank you!!!!

At 4:36pm on September 16, 2015, Karen Ilari said…
Thanks for letting me know Charles! We will miss you. Have a good trip!
At 8:12pm on August 3, 2015, Wanda McDonald said…

Thank you so much Charles for your very nice comment on my ink sketch of the Summer challenge. I am finding that the more I sketch in ink the more spontaneous and loose it chance for stopping and erasing mistakes. I am finding it very liberating for someone like me who was way to controlling with her art. Cheers, Wanda

At 12:27pm on July 5, 2015, PEGGY TRAMBLE said…

Hi Charles,

     Thanks for your welcoming words.  I began painting with oils a number of years ago but thought I would try acrylics as a greener alternative to using chemicals to clean brushes etc.  I have only just begun and it looks like  I will need to get used to the fast drying of acrylic.  However I will plug away at it and hopefully will improve over time. 

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