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At 9:58am on April 9, 2016, Mary said…

Thanks Karen for your response.  I did just discover the "Photos" page and that is a good way for me to do it as an option.  

If(when) it does get upgraded it would be great if you could alert us to that so we can start using that feature.  Thanks!

At 9:39am on April 9, 2016, Mary said…

Hi Karen:  

I have a question about the web site - when I am looking thru What's on your Easel on the right hand side, with their pictures and comments, - when I click to respond to someone and then hit either the back arrow on the computer, or "More" on your site,  it  takes me back to the beginning of the list.  

Is there a way that I'm missing that can get me directly to the place I left off at?

If not,  would it be possible to add that feature - would really save time.

Thanks, Mary

At 3:54pm on February 15, 2016, Mary said…

Yes Karen - that helps.  

Thanks also for your 1st critique and suggestions.  I actually did use two different blues for the lower and upper horizons but they didn't show up as distinctly in the picture as they do here live.

 Nonetheless, I should be able to improve that without redoing all of it (hopefully).  I think I will stay with the warmer sky colors because so much of the effort I've invested for underground layers includes those purples/blues and I'm afraid to add a new one into the mix (if I was YOU, that would be different!)  

I will try to add the tiny bit of yellow to the mountain shadows and see how that feels - they would be a little easier to revert back if it doesn't seem right.  

Thanks for your encouragement and tips.  Very helpful and I'll be back in touch for another round in the near future.  The wedding is 4/30/16!  

At 1:25pm on February 15, 2016, Mary said…

Hi Karen:  

I tried to following your directions to send you the Tutor pics and text of what I'm hoping to accomplish first.  Unfortunately, I don't know how or where to check on the site to see if anything actually reached you - or to check on it.  

I'm sure I'm missing something obvious here and in reality I am not as technically challenged as I may seem to be on this site.   I would expect that, privately, I would be able to go to a Tutor section on My Page perhaps and it would be located there.  I'll wait for your guidance and thanks in advance.  

(Thanks for inviting me to be your friend - I suspect that is how it gets started because otherwise I wouldn't have know how to reach you privately.)


At 6:53am on January 16, 2016, Phyllis Burnett said…
I made the color cards yesterday and will paint the red bush piece today. Thank you for responding. Phyllis
At 6:28am on December 30, 2015, Mary said…

My pleasure Karen - thanks for all you do for us and for this site! Mary

At 11:10am on November 13, 2015, Charles Eisener said…

Your community and your own insights are well worth supporting.

At 5:07pm on October 21, 2015, Dan Lefebvre said…

Thanks so much Karen.

At 10:11pm on October 10, 2015, Kathryn Hardsog said…

Thank you. I'm looking forward to this month's challenge.  It's a beautiful photo and will be lots of fun experimenting with the great fall colors.

At 6:31am on October 7, 2015, Naomi Norris said…

Hi Karen, just watched Red Tree videos...  very helpful.  I am wondering how much larger you paint and do you use larger brushes on larger paintings?  Also, do you glaze?

At 1:18pm on October 6, 2015, nair da silva said…

Thank you, Karen, I appreciate what you do.

At 10:04am on October 5, 2015, cheryl sauter said…

Thank you Karen for helping me to learn how to paint and for your kindness.   I am a newbie and would love all the feedback I can get to aid in my desire to learn to paint.


At 12:43pm on September 9, 2015, Terry McAvoy said…

I just loaded 3 of my paintings.  I do have more, and will load them up in the future.  I'm still not sure how to navigate the site yet, so I will continue to explore it.  Thanks.

At 12:10pm on August 31, 2015, Cynthia Yates said…

I just started watching Karen's videos, and they are extremely helpful.  Many thanks!

At 1:23am on August 8, 2015, Jane Fothergill said…

Thank you Karen. I am really pleased to have found you on Youtube. I enjoy your teaching style as you share techniques and thought processes whilst you work. I've just packed my acrylics to go to Gibralter Point which is a nature reserve not far from me; near Skegness in Lincolnshire. England. No pretty 'clouds' today so I shall make them up!! Jane

At 6:10pm on July 30, 2015, ruth williams said…

 Thank you Karen I look forward to joining your group of painters looking at your videos and reading others comments I too love acrylics and their versatility.

At 9:20pm on July 22, 2015, Wanda McDonald said…

Sending you birthday wishes and have posted a birthday card for you in my photo gallery. All the Best, Wanda

At 3:16pm on June 30, 2015, PEGGY TRAMBLE said…

Oh, I forgot,  to thank you for allowing me access to your site. Sorry

At 3:16pm on June 30, 2015, PEGGY TRAMBLE said…

I am having a difficult time mixing my paint.  All my paintings seem to come out too dark.

At 8:24am on June 25, 2015, lillian moulton said…
Thank you Karen. I am excited to get some assistance with my paintings. I am a novice at best. Any critique from some of the more experienced artists will be warmly received and appreciated.

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