thanks Pauline Abbott, Karen Ilari, and this community!

I read Paulines post about doing the color charts. I thought it a great idea. I did three of mine today. then I finished a painting, that has been half done for a month. my new color charts made it seem easier somehow. thanks :)  Karen Ilari, this is a wonderful site. you are a great teacher and you have collected a lot of amazing, creative, and kind folks here. I feel at home, welcome, and encouraged. I loved the challenge! it made me think and work at painting every day. I looked at the previous challenges. I think I will do them as well. I am sure I will learn from them. you are all amazing artist friends! thank you!

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Comment by Wenda Spooner on August 18, 2016 at 6:56pm

thanks Karen :)  i actually look at my color charts quite often. saves me mixing paint that i cant use. or splatting the brush on my painting "oh rats, that isnt the color i wanted" lol it took lots of time to do the charts, but saves me lots of time now.

Comment by Karen Ilari on August 18, 2016 at 8:31am

Gosh Wenda, I don't know how I missed this blog!! So sorry not to reply earlier.

Aren't the color charts great? They really help you start to understand not just color theory, but color practice. How the actual pigments work when you start mixing them together. So glad you did them!

Thanks so much for all your wonderful input to our community Wenda, we shine a little brighter with you here!

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