Hello, just thought I would drop in to say hello and let you know how my fitness is going. I have been exercising about 4-5 days a week doing easy stretches and warm up and cool down exercises of 20 mins, I can feel the difference and my body is loosening up and the stiff ness has gone, still get pains in my let I suspect I will have to see the doctor about that. I am feeling better in myself and have just started 10 mins of easy dance to get me moving even more. I have done a couple of videos to help me along and motivate me. Now that the weather is warming up it is easier and I do a few walks around the village each week. I have been sewing, I have made 3 cushion covers, two table cloths and a skirt from a favourite old dress.

We go on holiday in four weeks so perhaps after that I may start painting again, but I have a couple of garments I want to make first.

Hope you are all well and painting loads, I will have a look at the paintings that have been loaded over the last couple of months.
Good health everyone.

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