Golden's latest newsletter is an eye-opener.  As a direct result of their own research, they are discontinuing the use of Zinc Oxide in their oil colours.  This is due to the extreme cracking and delamination noted in relatively fresh paint films (2 years and 10 years).  Even dilution of Zinc White to under 2% in mixtures still produced the same degree of failure.  Part of this is due to the interaction of the pigment with the fatty acids normally present in oil paints.

Similarly, they have detected a decided shift in the relative light-fastness of Hansa Yellow pigments in acrylic films.  While not as dramatic as the problems with Zinc White, they have come out with two new yellow pigments that are substantially similar except their tinting strength is somewhat weaker.  There are no immediate plans to discontinue the Hansa colours, but Golden will be changing the ratings from 1 to 2 for these pigments.  It was noted that incorporating as little as 10% Golden Gloss Medium into the Hansa Yellows markedly improved their light fastness back to the "excellent" or #1 rating.

If you have any interest in such things, please visit the Golden website and review their newsletter.  These articles are somewhat technical, but provide an insight into the quality assurance they perform on our behalf.

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Comment by Charles Eisener on February 24, 2018 at 8:05pm

While I like the Cad Reds, I do prefer the Hansa pigments to the Cad Yellows.  Golden notes two factors at play here; the tendency of manufacturers to follow the traditional ratings, and  an apparent change in the source pigment over the past decade.  Next time I order some paint I will probably include samples of the two new yellows and play around a bit with them.  Meantime, I will add some gloss medium to the Hansa stock on hand to be on the safe side.

Zinc Oxide has long been debated for oils, with strong arguments from both camps since at least 1900.  This is the first time I have seen a paint manufacturer take a stand with the pigment.

Comment by Karen Ilari on February 24, 2018 at 2:47pm

That's interesting about the gloss medium. I'll have to try that as Hansa Yellow medium is what I'm mostly using these days. Thanks for the info as usual Charles!

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