Because I have not been posting many acrylic paintings lately, I just wanted to let you know why.

In July I started an online Acrylic Landscape Course that is probably going to take me 6 months to a year to complete. I have about 64 painting exercises to do (some small some large).  The paintings that I do are not what the instructor watch the techniques used and then you are given a bunch of photos with which you create a composition  using one or more of them. Here is a shot of 5 of the 17 that I have done so far, covering: skies, distant hills and rocks. Remember these are just exercises focusing on one of these subjects so there is not a lot of details to the other parts of the painting, just the subject matter.

1. Night Sky - 2. Stormy clouds - 3. Distant Hills - 4. Stacked Rocks - 5. Desert Rocks

So yes, I am still painting. Just never seem to have the time to do a painting that is not for the course.

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Comment by Lynda Dinneen on September 23, 2015 at 10:26am

Wanda, I have been so enjoying seeing your work as you go through the rigors of this class you are taking!  The different mediums and the choices that folks make here on the site are an inspiration also.  You are right, this is a wonderful community of people and Karen is so patient and talented...what a joy!  Paint on my friend...can't wait for the next posting! :))))

Comment by Sarah Irland on September 12, 2015 at 4:50am

Exercises or not - these came out really nice!  I do admire your talent, Wanda - and the way you paint everyday is impressive!  

Comment by Karen Ilari on August 27, 2015 at 2:44pm

It looks like you are learning some wonderful stuff Wanda!

Comment by Linda Wooding on August 27, 2015 at 1:05pm

Thanks for the info Wanda.  I did start a search for online oil classes and found one that I'm considering but first need wires and cables to get my old Apple hooked up to the internet. My so-called studio (haha more like storage room!) is located at the far end of the house from my WiFi, so work needs to be done before I can set up an online class.  I'll check out Art Tutor as I'm already a member. I may have received an e-mail from them earlier this summer but we had a lot of company coming and going.  Thanks for the info and I'll run over there now and check it out!  You may have saved me a bundle of money ..... so next time you're coming to the Island, let me know and coffee/tea is on me! ....even wine!!

Comment by Wanda McDonald on August 27, 2015 at 12:45pm

Yes, I love Karen's site also. When I look back at the beginning when I joined and there were only a couple of hundred of us, I can see how much I have improved. I have watched all of her videos, tried many and would love to actually meet her one day.

As for this landscape course, I am doing it through Art Tutor (an online art facility based in Liverpool, England). I pretty much learned about oils, acrylics, Coloured Pencil and pastels from them in 2013 when I signed up with them for one year. I then found Karen, went to demo/workshops at our local art store, and met local artists that moved me along. Then in June I got an email from AT that they now had Course classes added to their regular classes. And found they had an acrylic one, so I signed up for another year (at half price). They are in modules - landscape, figure, still life, floral, animals. When you complete one module you get a certificate of completion. If you complete all the modules (ha ha ha would take me a lifetime) you get a Master's certificate. Anyway, yes they have one for Oils,  Watercolour, Coloured Pencil and more. Not all give certificate credits, but you still get a full course. Check it out.

Even though I am doing this, I am not going to leave her work, love how she teaches, love the site, love the people who participate...hey what's not to like about this place...which reminds me...need to send in another donation.

Comment by Linda Wooding on August 26, 2015 at 12:23pm

I am so happy to hear you're taking this course! I've been scouring the painting community for such a course and wonder if the course you are taking could accept oil painters? I love Karen's site here and have learned so much and keep learning especially with the new Values course. You are really on a roll Wanda and it's so good to see an already excellent artist grow even better. I loved seeing your daily sketches/ink/watercolour work and now the work from your wonder you're kept busy!  I'm a huge fan of yours!! Good luck with the class and I hope you continue to post your progress!

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