I have spent the day painting, but not on canvas, on my dining room walls. My wife and I had used the hangers advertised on TV that you can pull the tab and it will come right off. Well it did, along with the paint on the wall.

I went to the store to get some paint, and could not find the original color, willow leaf. I had to get spring willow leaf which looked like a close match.

I arrived home and started painting, and not surprisingly, the paint does not match. The first thing I started doing was a mental analysis on why the paint did not match. What was different  with the new compared to the old? I find looking at the wall paint from an artist perspective changes the way I think about painting the wall. I wonder what the affect of the color will have on people who view it? How or will the color change the focal point of the room?

I actually am starting to think of the wall as more of a canvas, than just a wall. I am starting to see it as a blank page of possibilities rather than a chore that has to be done. I have never considered choosing a paint color for your wall as being creative, but now I see that it is part of the creative process that turns a room into a work of art.

I realize that I am talking about a single color on the wall, but color affects how people think, so it makes me wonder how it will change their thinking. In my mind the color makes the room, brighter, and therefore it adds a greater degree of cheerfulness than the old color.

My second thought about this has more to do with fine art painting than construction painting. My wife wants me to paint a picture to hang in our dining room, but said she wants on that will match. So I am thinking about getting a canvas, and doing a primary coat with the acrylic latex wall paint on the canvas, then produce an appropriate picture to go on the wall.

I just wanted to share these thoughts to see if any of you have had similar thought since you have started painting?

By the way, I think I like the new color better than the old.

Have a wonderful day.

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Comment by Wenda Spooner on May 4, 2017 at 5:26pm

interesting blog Russ! thanks for sharing. i live in a log cabin, so i have no painted walls. sounds cool though. 

Comment by Charles Eisener on April 29, 2017 at 5:04pm

Hi Russ.  I have to agree with Karen - latex house paints are designed to have a limited life span, and the pigments are often quite questionable as well.  If you know the colour scheme for your painting, mix the complimentary colour and use that as the underpainting.  That can make the final image really pop!  I would also put at least one coat of gesso on the canvas before starting, too - you have no way of knowing the quality of the base applied by the manufacturer unless buying professional grade canvas.

I also had the same experience with those "peel off" hangers; my wife likes them, but she does not repair the walls after the fact.  The small hole left by a proper picture hanger nail is much smaller, easier to repair, and often is not visible even if the spackle is left unpainted.  The adhesive type may work with oil based paint on solid surfaces, but invariably cause problems with latex paint on porous surfaces.

I will be putting up picture rail along one wall of the new "studio" so no additional holes or hangers required.  One can even hang pieces one above the other, or change locations at will, or . .   .    . you get the idea!

Comment by Karen Ilari on April 29, 2017 at 11:20am

Isn't it amazing Russ?! The things we learn about color and it's emotional impact on us. I love the idea of a room as a work of art! I have been very neglectful of that in my home. I have off white walls covered with lots and LOTS of paintings! LOL! Maybe I should rethink that a bit :)

As far as using the wall paint for the painting, I don't know the chemical side of it, but I'm not sure I would risk it! It is fairly easy to match the color of the wall using your regular paints. And a great exercise in color mixing too! You will probably want the painting to blend with the walls without having it match too perfectly. As in some of that color, but not as the dominant color. You already have plenty of that in the room :) Just a thought.

Thanks for posting! You have inspired me to pay more attention to my decorating :) 

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