I have never been one who has demonstrated great, or even moderate levels of artistic ability. I cannot look at a detailed picture and replicate it like a truly talented artist. I have often envied people that have such a remarkable talent

 However, I would find myself looking at a tree in full bloom, and I would ask myself "How would I paint that tree? I mentioned this to my wife, and she bought me a beginner's paint set for Christmas 2016. So I have started painting, and really enjoy it.

I find painting therapeutic. It allows me to find explore my emotions, both positive and negative, in a constructive way. It also allows me to exercise the creative person within me through a new venue, and share with others the things I find beautiful.

As a side note: I am really excited about what I am learning here on Karen's site. I am learning that painting is not all talent, but knowledge and technique. I believe learning the things I am learning here will help me become a better artist, and that will allow me the opportunity to express myself better on canvas.

Thanks for reading.

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Comment by Wenda Spooner on March 17, 2017 at 7:01pm

hi Russ! sorry i didnt see this blog post before! thanks for sharing your story with us :) i have been on this site since Jan 2016. i have learned so much here. i keep learning form these finefolks. i am having so much fun! i am glad you are enjoying your painting! 

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