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Conservation Issues - ( part 2 of 2)

Acrylic paint films have properties completely unlike any other medium, and these properties have to be respected in order to produce a quality product. They also vary considerably between manufacturers; the actual polymers may not be "acrylics" per se, but polyurethanes, vinyl acetates, and/or acrylic/styrene co-polymers either singly or in mixtures with actual acrylic polymers. The chemistry and film properties vary accordingly, so one brand may not react the same as another.



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Conservation issues (1 of 2 parts)

As noted in some of my other comments, a number of my earlier acrylic works were basically destroyed by SID (Substrate Induced Discoloration). This results from the water in the applied paint dissolving acids or impurities in the painting support and transferring these chemicals to the paint film as it dries. The end product can be nasty stains that are impossible to remove. I also noted that without a final sealer, the acrylic film remains somewhat "tacky" and any surface dust or dirt can…


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Line drawing of photos using Photoshop

Don't know about the rest of you, but I find it harder to produce a decent line drawing from a photo than from life. Some shapes, like boat hulls, can be a real pain trying to figure out the perspective. I found a quick way to produce a line "drawing" from a photo using Photoshop. My software is nearly 10 years old, and apparently this works many versions, so you do not need the latest and greatest.

Just remember to save the line image with a new or modified file name so you do not…


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