Floating Free

11 X 14 Acrylic on Canvas.
I have wanted to paint a Sea Turtle since we saw them while snorkeling. They are so graceful underwater! It is hard to do justice to them in a painting.

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Comment by Sarah Irland 11 hours ago
Thanks so much for your positive words, Ken!
Comment by Ken Dinneen 13 hours ago

Compelling feeling very surreal and beautiful excellent job!

Comment by Sarah Irland on Thursday

Thank you, Linda.  They are pretty fascinating when they are swimming.....

Comment by Linda Wooding on Thursday

Outstanding Sarah!  I've always loved these creatures and you sure did him justice!

Comment by Sarah Irland on Wednesday
Thank you, Deborah, for your positive words.I learned a lot doing this that I hope will be helpful in future paintings.
Comment by Deborah Alavosius on Wednesday
I'm just loving this one Sarah. Beautifully rendered detail, great shading and values...and as always the colors and light...so good!
Comment by Sarah Irland on Tuesday
Great idea, Karen. I was interested in painting the sea turtle showing both of the front flippers when swimming but did this one because the photo was more clear. So I may try the other view, as well. It is fascinating how different they look when they're swimming.
Comment by Karen Ilari on Tuesday

Lovely Sarah! You did a great job with it! Since you had a strong emotional connection to the image, it might be fun to play around with another version. Changing the perspective or cropping, or detail to try to express your feeling about the scene. Just as an experiment!

Comment by Sarah Irland on Tuesday
Thank you, Annemarie.
Comment by annemarie vogel on August 14, 2017 at 10:03pm
Beautiful Sarah, especially the colors on the shelf are amazing.

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