Adding your Photos

To upload photos of your paintings:

Option one:

  • Go to the "Photos" Tab
  • Choose "+ add" in the upper right corner
  • You can create an album or add to an album you already created

Option two:

  • Go to the "My Page" tab
  • There is a comment box right at the top.
  • There are choices there to add a photo, discussion, or blog post
  • You can also just make a comment in the box - it works much like Facebook

To add a photo to a discussion:

  • Go to the "Discussions and Critiques" tab
  • Choose "+add" in the upper right corner
  • Use the photo icon to add as many photos as you like to the body of the discussion. This is preferred as everyone can easily see and compare photos.

  • If you don't see this icon in your browser you can use the "attach files" at the bottom on the discussion box

To add your photo to your profile

  • Go to "My Page"
  • Click on the box that says add your profile photo
  • You will need a photo that is in a square format: 600 x 600 pixels or less
  • It can be in GIF, JPG or PNG format
  • Use your photo software to crop and edit your photo


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