Acrylic, 11X14, canvas

Found the photo of Yellowstone landscape and I wanted to paint it. Changed up the mountain as I wanted some snow on top, and made it look somewhat like half dome.

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Excellent Tony! This is a beautiful image and you have done a great job with it!

Here are a couple of ideas. first - your Values:

do you notice how your mid ground values - across the river - are the same as your foreground values?

In the photo you see that in the foreground you get some very dark darks, and the values across the river are all lighter....   that's what gives you that sense of distance.

Your mountain could be a tad lighter - but it is pretty close!

The other element that effects our sense of depth and distance is Color. Warm colors come towards us, cool colors recede. This is called aerial perspective. It happens because there is air, which has water particles, between us and what we see in the distance. This causes things to look bluer as they recede into the distance. When you really study the colors it can be quite surprising! The colors we perceive as golds or browns in the distance are often shades of blue grey! It's the comparison to the colors around them that makes us think they are different.

So here are some color swatches I sampled from your painting and the photo - yours are on the left, the photo on the right

The background mountain is at the top, the mid ground trees and shore in the middle, the foreground on the bottom.

The mountain is pretty easy to see - bluer, cooler, lighter.

Now check out that mid ground. Do you see how your colors there are warm browns and golds - much darker and warmer than the photo. And just as warm as your foreground colors.

In order to understand that depth you need to adjust your colors to lighter, cooler, bluer versions of what you have in the foreground. Does that make sense?

Then when you get to that foreground, that's where you put your most vivid, chromatic color, your darkest darks and your lightest lights.

Thanks for posting this Tony! I know everyone appreciates reading along.


Why are things so obvious after the fact?  ;-)

I like the blk / wht contrast idea - will use that more often


Yes, I use it a lot. It's all about the values! :)

Took my vitamins this morning and moved a whole forest across a lake!

Tony - that's why they say that hindsight is always 20:20!

Thanks for posting your painting for critique Tony.  And thanks Karen for such a clear critique.  It's so helpful.


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