Hi all,

Cheryl very kindly let me use her painting to do a little video critique. Thank you Cheryl!

I know some of you are hesitant to post your paintings for critique, feeling like you aren't "good enough". Well I just wanted to say Poppycock! :) When I started painting I had a hard time finding someone to give me an honest critique - with constructive ideas - to help me. I was struggling to understand the basic concepts of painting: values, color mixing, perspective, composition. Those are all things we can learn! It's not any magical gift. It's just practice and learning! Once you get those basic tools under your belt, then you will start to develop your own style and be able to express your ideas. We all start somewhere! If you expect to be an expert the first time you put a brush to canvas you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Instead, take a deep breath and enjoy the process. Allow yourself to try and fail. It's the failures that teach us!

So for all those reasons I started this website. To create a positive, honest, constructive, supportive environment for you all to learn to paint! And I really enjoy watching you all grow in your skills, and in your support of each other :) And I also enjoy doing the critiques! I learn a lot myself by taking the time to understand why things work and others don't, and how to express that in a clear, supportive way.

And for those of you who are looking for something more in depth, or just can't bring yourself to post in public, I offer Personal Tutor Sessions.  In those we can start from the very beginning, talking about composition and intent and move all the way through the painting. You send me your progress and I respond with ideas and suggestions. Mostly through video critiques like the one I did here for Cheryl. There are two options, either a single session like this one, or a full tutor session where we can do up to 6 sessions of this type, however many you need to finish your painting!

If you are interested in one, here is the link for more info. But please remember, you can always post here in the discussions and I am more than happy to respond!

Personal Tutor Sessions

And here is the link to Cheryl's video critique

Video Critique

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