Ever get really excited when you start painting a picture, just like, this is what I really really want to do?  Well that is this painting to me, a feel good, excited, from the start, lol.

I blocked in one night, and then last night got to the point above. I put the rocks in using a palette knife and the rest using a 2" brush.  I am mixing my own colours, with the exception/addition of one brown.

I know my light/shadow is not finished and the water path incomplete still (got called for supper, lol).   I really like my colour scheme, do not plan to follow the photo. I am just really enjoying trying to paint loosely, very freeing not getting hung up on details. 

Comments and suggestions welcome, I am sure there is a pink elephant here that I am not seeing.

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Nice start!!  Like that you are warming it up a bit.

Only thing that grabs my attention right now is the foreground.  If you want the surf action on the rocks to serve as focal point, you may want to re-evaluate your values.  The increased contrast in the foreground tends to draw the eye away from the active surf. 

Ah, yes, I see what you mean. Thanks Charles, I'll work on that.

Palette knife work can be exhilarating. It looks like you are mastering the technique quite well.  I love this painting.  I cannot offer any constructive techniques though.  I looks great to me.

thanks Mike.

it looks fabulous already :)

thanks Wenda, it is a fun one.

So glad to hear that Marion! It's so much fun to paint when you are in tat excited state of mind. Let those creative juices keep flowing!! :)

You are doing great! Love the brush and knife work and the colors too!

Don't forget the bluish color to the white foam in shadow, if you go too grey it can tend to look kind of dirty. and the yellowish tint when the foam is in sunlight. You always want a little tint on your white or it will go chalky.

Watch those crisp edges on the rocks, you want to keep them a little soft and blended - do you see how the top surfaces reflect the color of the sky? And the water color itself will reflect up into the shadows on the rocks.

So fun! Can't wait to see the next update!

Thanks, was going well and then last night my arm took on a mind of its own...so tonight will have to take control back, lol.

Fantastic start to this one!

Thanks Brad.  Was doing well, then went too far and lost it, then doing well, then lost it...the saga continues lol.

That is a saga I am quite familiar with, Marion. Keep at it.

Fighting with myself, lol.


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