Hi folks, I am nearly to put the top coat on...what I used on my other acrylic paintings was Liquitex Medium Varnish which dries very glossy. If I use a matte medium instead, will it dull my colours? I really like the gloss, so it's not a big deal, but just wondered what my options are. I did another post, about spray varnishes etc. I am wondering specifically about using Liquitex or Golden mediums.

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Marion - if you check under "discussions" there is a file on varnishing from Feb 11.  If you still have questions after reading the input there, please ask while in that file.  That way all the input and questions are together - makes it easier next time!

Good point, will do, thanks.
Can this thread be deleted? I have posted on the Feb 11th thread.

Marion, I used matte medium (I think it was Liquitex but it could have been Golden) on a painting several years ago and was disappointed.  It gave the entire painting a milky dull look.  I am happier with Liquitex Gloss Medium and Varnish.  Tip!  Work fast!  Invest in a high-quality brush used exclusively to varnish (and avoid the temptation to use it for anything else).  Lay your work flat to avoid runs.  I apply two coats, horizontal and vertical.  Let the first coat set up before applying the next.  Wait 3 weeks after painting before applying varnish.  It will be glossy but that's the look I was after.  Many acrylic painters don't use varnish.  I sometimes do and sometimes don't.  It depends on the look I am trying to achieve.  Hope this helps.

Hi Mike.

We have moved this conversation to a thread from Feb 11 that dealt with the same topic.  That way the responses are all under one roof, as it were.


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