Acrylic on 8X10 gesso board.  Photograph taken on a roadway in Ireland by my Facebook friend and fellow cancer survivor Michael Healy.  This was a really quick study (for me) as it only took a couple hours, including composition and sketches.


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How fun Mike! You've added color and a whimsical quality to this scene which is very appealing!

You have given us a story about the personalities of these sheep. Just kind of strewn across the landscape with no concern about being in the way! Their big fluffly awkward bodies on thin little legs. Haha, I love it.

Compositionally you have brought us into the scene - up the road, invited by the sheep looking at us. Then provided interest with their color, shapes and attitudes. Then we follow the road into the distance.

I kind of wish there was something back there to reward my journey and move the eye back around. What about using a lighter version of the road colors to create some fluffy cloud shapes that repeat the shapes of the sheep?

So, your sheep aren't particularly realistic, but for me, because you have a story and a nice composition, that isn't as critical. 

I would like to see the light a bit more consistent. It's a nice element having that light coming in and touching the top of the hills. What happened when it got to the road, though? It disappeared!

Thanks for sharing this Mike, I really like it!


very cool mike! i can actually see the sheep moving! awesome lol  the one in the middle is hopping right along! love your colors! Karen is right, its a fun one! you can only do so much in a couple hours! good job

Hi Mike;

I love the whimsical quality of your painting.  The colors you have used and the positioning of the sheep are wonderful (I like that they are looking at us....).

I read Karen's comments with interest as we all learn from them. I particularly liked her feedback about light in the foreground.  It seems to me that this would keep the viewers eye on the sheep - which are so wonderful.  I wonder if the distant road was a bit more of a neutral shade if it would keep the eye from moving to the back of the painting?  Just questions I would ask myself if I was painting this.

I do think this is a very fun painting and is one of those that makes me smile.  I think you did a great job with this, Mike.  Painting quickly is difficult and you did a wonderful job!

Here is the same painting with a few "retouches".

Every time I look at this, I just smile and feel relaxed!!

Thanks Tony.  It was fun to do.

Lovely! ha - the sheep shaped clouds really add even more humor to the scene, don't they :)

Nicely done, Mike.  I like the changes that you have made!

great changes Mike! love the brighter colors you added and the clouds pull me in :) thanks for sharing this project!


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