I had the lesson and altered the piece a bit.  My lopsided tree looks like a large bush.  I found that I could follow Karens teaching and actually make the painting  fly by.

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Hey Ken! This is your underpainting isn't it?  Looking forward to seeing the final rendition! 

Yup, back to work for me... sadly I seem to have been a little premature.  Need to listen to the lesson again...  Thanks.

You, and the rest of the awesome painters are an inspiration to me John.  I know now that this painting is not finished yet.  So I'm going to use your suggestions and see what I can do to really finish.  Thanks for your kind words of encouragement.  I'll get painting!

Hi Ken,

I think you have done some pretty good job with this one too!!You are learning very fast .I think you have done a great job with positioning all of the major "elements' of the painting in the proper places .As a beginner painter myself I can tell you don't be afraid to mix and use colors it can be scary but also very fun :) The trees in the background as John has sad are too close to the color of the bush/grass in the front if you are not sure how to make them more pale just add some more water to the paint it helps a lot sometimes .For the red tree if you are having hard times with the leafs you can use a small round brush to add more details to them or use a fan brush , that's what I do ...I'm not an expert just another beginner going trough the same troubles so I hope you will find my tips useful :)

Keep the good work ! 

Such good advice thank you Anna!

Ken, you are doing a great job!

For those of you who haven't seen them - The "Red Tree" painting videos are a series of 15 minute videos taking this painting from the very early  conceptual stages through  the finish. These are in real time, not sped up, so they are easy to follow along.

Click here for a link to the Red Tree Videos page


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