The Magic of Values in the Acrylic Landscape - Class #3 - Online

In this third class in the series "The Magic of Values in the Acrylic Landscape" I talk about how to translate what we have learned about values in black and white into color! Yea! Color!

I'm proud of you for making it to this class! I hope some of these ideas about values are starting to make more sense!

We will be mixing color to make lighter and darker versions. Learning how to mix a deep, rich dark color.

I've put together a short video as well, focusing on the Layering techniques and brush strokes which are so useful and unique to acrylic paints.

So, take a look, and be sure to share your progress in the class in the comments below!

Click here to go to the class

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Oh my gosh!  Thank you both!!!! NOW, I am going to pull out one of my 1st year paintings and see if I really "own" the lessons I just learned with this class by "fixing" fun is this going to be!?! because "Rain Comin In" is so flat.... (low contrast and close values) I have chosen that painting to re-do.....crossing fingers and toes.  Thank you again for this class Karen!

Sounds like a great plan! Be sure to post so we can see!

Gorgeous!!  When I first saw this my head said OH WOW!!!  This is one class I seriously need to take.  Once I get back home and settled this is one of the first things I'm going to do. You've done a gorgeous job of a very beautiful scene. POP!!  Love it!!

I had many stops and starts with this study, my sons wedding is done and they are off on their honeymoons so I had time to revist.  I think I will have to start from scratch on these tonal study lessons, but here' the first end result anyway.

Liz I seemed to have missed this! Wow, I'm so sorry. Or did we talk about it somewhere else? It looks familiar :)

Anyway, great job! Love your progression of values in the mountains, your darker colors in the foreground.

From this pic, and it could just be the photo, the trees in the midground seem a bit dark - they look to be the same value as the tree on the left? It may be that adding highlights to the tree on the left made it lighter than you meant.

One thing to think about in shadow areas - adding shifts in color, rather than value to keep the area all in shadow. I like to add my richest color in the shadow areas. So blues, reds, greens, browns. As opposed to using greys as they make dull shadow areas.

I'm sure you are way done with this one, but wanted to add a little input.

I love the foreground sunlit weedy area, really pretty shapes and color.

Nice job! Thanks for sticking with it!

That's ok your a busy lady ! We talked about the tonal versions but not about the colour and your advice is great again thank you. I have put this one away but will get it back out and see about that foreground tree as you say could be the photo. I love the advice re shadows , I've just finished one with lots of tree shades not sure if that qualifies for the same shift in colour technique. Hmm perhaps I'll post in the critique page for your advice. Thanks again Katen your advice is definately worth waiting for. :D

Thanks Liz - and please do post it, I'd love to help if I can!

Thank you Karen for making these on line classes on Values! Really enjoyed them, took lots of notes and will refer to them as I am painting.  Thanks again!

You are so welcome Jamee!

Okay, I am ready for any critiques, suggestions, etc. This is my class#3 values painting, and I think I allowed the creativity challenge/concept to creep in! I found that I stopped looking ar the reference photo and just painted...oops! It was fun, but if I can get it back to looking more like it is supposed to, that will be a good lesson too.


Hi KC!

So sorry! I seemed to have missed this earlier in the week!

You did a great job with this! The values are great! Distant mountains are great. Your darks in the foreground tree shadows are the darkest. Moving to the mid ground your darks get lighter. Excellent! I can see the sunlight on the field and the tree trunk on the ground.

You definitely got this lesson down pat!

And I see your creative changes as well. Nice job :)


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