Okay, I never think to do this. So here is my latest. Lay it on me! I'm here to learn and improve ☺


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Better or worse?


i thought if i uploaded this with my cell, i could then fix it with my laptop. i was wrong

I think you were right! It allows a close up of the beautiful brush work in the reflections. I was commenting earlier today on this but was called away and didn't finish...so here goes. I really agreed with everything Mark mentioned....now I see you took his advice! Good going! This is a  lovely painting Wenda!

thanks for taking time to help me :)

thanks a bunch Linda! much appreciated :)

I think it's much better Wenda, more importantly what do you think?

Are you probably working from a photo right?

So many times when I'm working from a photo, at this point I put the photo away...it no longer exist...It's done its job as a reference. Now I ask myself what have I learned about values and all the other fundamentals. This frees us up to see things in a different way and "push" some limits and make the painting our own.

Many times the look of values in a photo can be very deceiving because there are so many variables in play in recreating an image with a mechanical device like a camera. ( Karen checks them in Photoshop). Good idea if you have the software. Point is cameras can sometimes lie to us, or the values are so close to the same it's hard to tell them apart. Better to rely on what we know.

Don't know if this helps you, but it's something I've had trouble with and can relate to. Only you can decide, but I Love it!

thanks for the help Mark! I used a pmp photo, that is why I didn't post it here. (against their rules) I like it a lot better now than I did. when Rick got up this morning, he said he thinks it is much better :) (he never comments on my paintings lol) 

I wish I had the software to check out my photos first. but I don't so I guess I learn the hard way. but I di feel like I learn every time I paint. you and the others here are so helpful. I am having so much fun. I have been learning to paint with acrylics for almost 1 1/2 years now. Karens site is a great gift :)

thanks again, I appreciate you taking time to help me.

You are always most welcome Wenda

I also respect pmp's rules and figured it was.

There is also grey-scale value cards you can purchase at art stores or online very inexpensive, or make your own.

Glad you're having fun, so am I and it's an ongoing learning experience!

I love what you said about putting the photo away and carrying on without it. That might not work all the time, but I can see how that can also take the pressure off to replicate every detail, some of which really don't work as well in a painting as in real life or a photo.

Exactly Marion. I used to get so bogged down and flustrated working from a photo. The creative side of my brain wasn't at all in play, just me trudging through it trying to make it right. They all fell short...Flat. I'm sure you've experienced " in the zone". The creative side hasn't a care in the world, all it wants to do is see and create. So as soon as I got the photo out of the way and me out of the way things would start happening.

And yes there are exceptions like a commissioned piece that has to be exact or the like, but overall in the zone is where I like to be and I already know I'm a little weird! lol.

You've put it well. I thought I had to paint exactly like the photo or it's not good. As you said, there are exceptions, but what I am finding more and more, that I want to like it, and if I have to deviate from the photo a bit, that's fine with me; then I am able to enjoy it and don't really care whether anyone else likes it. Then again, do want it all to work, lol.

Hi Wenda,

I'm sorry, I kept trying to get to responding to you and just didn't!

The others already mentioned, and you addressed the idea that your darks needed to be lighter in the background - great job there!

I'm also looking at the patterns of the reflections in the back. It looks like tree shapes there on the right that are much higher than the trees. I would expect to see some diagonal lights and darks that match the diagonal shapes in the mountains... You are doing great with your brushstrokes all being vertical, but you would still see those lights and darks in a diagonal pattern in that makes sense!

Be careful of those trees on the right just kissing the edge of the canvas. Better to go right off the edge.

But a beautiful painting! Well done!


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