Okay, I never think to do this. So here is my latest. Lay it on me! I'm here to learn and improve ☺


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Honey I don't know how to see it.this is so confusing.help me find it.I'm sure it's beautiful like the rest sweetie
Oh my! I see it now.Honey I'm very impressed
Outstanding all around.Can't improve on perfection sweetie.Great job!

wow! thanks a bunch!

Really like your colours. Very calm. Really like the mountain range on the right. Great reflections! Makes me want to grab a kayak and go.

thanks for taking time to check it out Marion. i appreciate your input :)

Hello, Wenda.  When I first saw this painting, it made me smile.  It is such a beautiful scene!  Wonderful sky, great job with the mountains - I love the misty look as you get further away. Also - you did a wonderful job with the water.  Calm water is not always easy to paint and you did a wonderful job with it and I like your reflections, as well.

I think you did a wonderful job. It is beautiful.  The only thing I wonder about is the reflection of the dark pine trees at the Horizon.  They don't seem to be reflected in the water?  Did you use a photo as a reference?  If so, is the reflection of that tree line in the water?

I love your painting, Wenda and I think it's beautiful as is.  Looking forward to seeing the final version!

thanks so much Sarah. I did use a photo reference. it is a pmp photo so I cant psot it on another site (pmp rules. I will see if I can make a slightly darker reflection at the base of the tree line. thanks.

Wow, Wenda!  What a beautiful painting!  It is so softly painted.  Love the trees and reflections.  Good depth with the mountains fading into the mist.

thanks for taking time to comment Ann. much appreciated!

Hi Wenda, Lovely peaceful scene here! I love your mountains and how they recede to the misty background. You already know it's the change in values that create this wonderful effect right? Now when I look at the trees they look basically the same in value through out. ( remember I'm looking at a photo, it may be different on your original) Wouldn't they change in value as they recede also? The water reflection will pick up this same tree values ( maybe a tad darker not much). More reflection under the rock in the right foreground will help seat it more.

Even still water in a misty atmosphere  can show some slight ripple effects, it adds some movement and drama. Be very careful if you do this because they will get super tiny as they recede and a little goes a long way.

I love your island focal point and how the narrow land bridge leads right to it. You have all the makings for a peaceful yet very dramatic painting here. hope this helps and these are only suggestions. You said lay it on you...So now you know "you have the ability to move mountains!" back where they belong. Nice work!

Mark, thank you so much for helping me here. I value your opinion :) I have been looking at this for days. now I will see if I can take advice to heart and improve on what I have! when I think I have it, I will ask you all to check it out again  :)

Wenda, this is a lovely scene. Makes me want to jump into my kayak and go an explore around the coastal areas!!  I do agree with Mark in that the trees further than the forefront trees need to be a wee bit paler and paler yet more on the furthest trees. I love the depth you've created otherwise. Please, please post again!


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