Just finished this study of water and rocks. This piece 16x20 oil on canvas was done fairly quickly (under a day over all). It was really fun and very challenging for me, getting the wind swept choppy waves hitting the rocks. I tried as usual to exaggerate this from the photo reference.

Your comments and critiques are most helpful and a valued learning tool!

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Really nice Mark! I love painting waves, you can really get lost in all the little patterns.

I think you've done a great job with this! Your water has a lot of movement and interest. There is nice variation in color, size and texture in your rocks. The rocks with more texture and warm color are near your splash area which creates a nice focal point.

One thing I've discovered in working with water, is to keep in mind if the area you are working on is in light or in shadow. It's surprising how dark the whitecaps of the waves are when they are in shadow. I do see that you are thinking about that because there is variation of those values with some touches of lighter color here and there.

Another thing to notice is the strong reflection of light on the wet rocks. In shadow the surfaces facing upward take on a lighter cooler sky color, like that large pyramid like rock near the center top.

A great study Mark! Well done, and thanks for sharing!

your goal was water and rocks. i say you did a great job on this quick study! thanks for sharing your work.


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