I had what I thought was a pretty good painting, yes, acrylic, almost finished and was looking forward to posting. Then the cheapskate in me attacked. I had everything carefully planned, among other things there were some rocks, which I had a plan for. I remembered this tube of 'texture' stuff that gives things a 3D look. I bought it by accident, thinking it was gloss media. Being cheap I didn't want to waste it so I thought it would be good to try it to make some rocks. I ruined my painting and a new canvas board. I considered different ways to fix it but ultimately gave it up for lost. What makes me maddest is ruining a perfectly good canvas board. I'm not rich.
SO, I'll start again, stick to my original plan and use watercolor paper, which I have a lot of. Hopefully in a day or two I'll have something to post.

One more thing I figured out by experimenting, and I'm sure most of you know this but I'm not that bright but if instead of dipping a brush in water to thin paint, I tried glycerine and it keeps the paint workable for a few days. Hoodathunkit.

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Hey George, I feel your pain! But I guess if we're not experimenting then we're not learning right?

There has been times when I've had unwanted texture on a canvas and even a hole poked through it from moving. I just scraped off what I could and sanded the rest. Or glue the back of a hole and turned it into a pallet knife painting. So all is not lost.

I don't know anything about glycerine, so I'll stay well clear of it...thanks!

sorry it didn't work out like you planned! you should be able to salvage it somehow. lesson learned, eh? thanks for sharing your experience. glycerin? really? what made you try that?

One thing I've read about using glycerine is that is tends to dry enough that it's not workable anymore, but stay slightly tacky for a long time, months even. In that time it can collect dust that isn't removable. But I haven't tried it, so that is just what I've read...

You can sand a panel down to remove dried medium, it does take some work though! You can always re gesso it and come up with a different painting where the texture would work! Just some ideas.

Watercolor paper is great, especially for practice. I think it makes you feel more experimental! Though it does react differently with the paint. One thing I like about it is that if you don't like your composition, or one area of your painting, you can just crop it by cutting it to a different size :)

I don't mind making mistakes, I mind wasting materials. The Glycerine comment wasn't something I read, it was from experimenting. You can also mix it with gouache and make dip pen ink.
I try just about everything. I made purple ink from blackberries then used it to draw them. I make ink out of coffee then drew a mug of it. As for the glycerine, I wanted to find something to slow drying time without buying the expensive stuff. Poverty is the mother of invention.
That might well be, Karen. I painted a patch of normal paint and another using glycerine then checked it every day. The last time I checked, in 4 days, it was dry but I didn't look for dust. Perhaps a repeat is in order. I should have my current panting finished tonight

Using random additives in acrylics always result in some type of consequence later on.  Some big name artists who first experimented with acrylics discovered that the hard way when their pieces began delaminating and/or disintegrating after the customers/galleries had purchased and hung the works.  Not the type of reputation most of us want to have.

You can slow the drying of regular acrylics in several different ways without the risks associated with "unknown" additives.  One way is the use of Golden Open medium, another is Glazing Fluid/Medium.  These can be brushed on the painting surface, spritzed, or mixed with the paint before application.  They allow for longer working time without being as slow drying as the Open line of paints. 

I have brushed the medium over local areas, and also spritzed diluted glazing liquid over the entire painting (sometimes even over the palette) when the paint was drying too quickly while working.  Both are effective.

Using texture mediums can be a lot of fun and open up new avenues for expression, but unless you are doing mixed media or non-representational work, it is usually best to apply the concept of "moderation in all things".  Using a painting or palette knife for rocks can be very dramatic without texture mediums.  Not trying to be discouraging, as I love working with different textures and mediums; you just have to use some restraint and make sure it serves the overall composition and intent of the painting.  Strong texture will draw the eye, so it often becomes a compositional factor even if that was not the original intent.

I'm a little late reading this George and am sorry you had such a painful experience.  I agree with Mark, we learn by our mistakes, and there's nothing wrong with learning. 

Sounds like you have a really well laid out plan for a really good painting. Try it again when you're ready. Acrylic paint does not like oil of any kind....as you found out!   This painting thing is lesson after lesson which really translates into learning and more learning!! It's all fun (a little frustration thrown in too).


Why do these things always happen at the end of our painting? I feel your pain. I did a large acrylic Heron painting, decided at the end to use oil pastels to give different look to the grass in the foreground. THEN I decided to go back later with Acrylic, forgetting about the oil on top. Ugh! Runny streaks. Hanging in my laundry room...makes me smile every time I see it. 

I didn't know that.

 I did know that if I added a bit of nitric acid to it, I would get a bang out of it.

that wold save me the trouble of throwing it away


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