20X20 Acrylic on canvas. I guess this is the second in my "street series." I liked the unusual colors of the plant growing on the walls and houses. It was just clearing up after a light rain. Also just the idea of wondering what was up ahead around the  corner...


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This is lovely Brad!

I love the complimentary red and green. I can tell you are a lover of color like me!

Your sky is really lovely with some subtle color variations and softness. Your perspective is great as well!

I've mentioned the idea of gradation of color, shifting the values and cooling them as you move into the distance to create more depth, so I won't repeat here :)

As far as the composition - You have some strong directional lines, starting with the light line in the road . my eye moves straight up the street and is drawn to the building on the right with the chimney. That area has a strong value contrast with the dark form against the light sky - which draws the eye - and the shape of the chimney leads the eye straight up and out, reinforced by the trees in the distance also directing the eye up and out.

For me, the painting is more about the buildings with their vines and flowers. I would want to entice the eye to linger there longer. To do that I would diminish the strength of those leading lines, and increase the interest in the buildings.

You can do that by breaking up those strong lines. Can some of the foliage spill over the edges of the buildings, the curb on the left? Do you need the light line in the road? Can you lighten the value of the roof lines so they aren't so dark against the very light sky?

You can add interest in the buildings by deciding where the light is coming from. You can play with having one area sunlit, and others in shadow - maybe some horizontal shadows on the ground to further break those strong lines? Some variation in the flower color?

Of course, all just ideas! Your painting is quite lovely just as it is! And thanks so much for sharing Brad!

Thank you Karen, some very good ideas to ponder!

Some updates to this one...

Hi Brad!

Nice! So what did you change on this one? Maybe some adjustments to the flowers on the left?

Changes were subtle and maybe not the best photo but added and brightened up flowers on right. Softened and warmed up a bit what is a reflection of water on the street. Broke up the shadow at base of red shrubbery on left building. Added some sun light to lighten and warm up rooftops on left and lightened up chimney a bit...

It looks better than the original, trust me :)

Ah yes, I see now. Sometimes it's hard to tell because of differences in the photos.

I do like the changes in the flower in the foreground especially. It's a really nice painting Brad!

Thank you!


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