Just in case there are some of you who didn't see the earlier post, I am giving you all permission to use my photography website for any reference pictures you might want/need. Feel free, without charge. You may sell your paintings, without fees paid to me, as well. No worries = ) You have it in writing!


Rosemary Clark

Website: www.rosemaryclark.zenfolio.com

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Thank you soo much for your generosity. Your work is wonderful and it gives me the inspiration I need to get back in the studio after the passing of my dear Mom.
Best regards,
Really lovely photos! Thank you!

Just looked at your website Rosemary. You are very talented and very very kind.  I look forward to perhaps using one , in the near future. 

Cheers, Wendy

Thank you Rosemary for the website. I just finished going through most of the pics and one in particular I feel drawn towards. Am hoping to start on painting it. Thank you

Rosemary has gorgeous photos!

Thanks Wenda. Pick some to paint and go for it! = )

Thanks Rosemary. Enjoyed your website and your photos are beautiful. ...and oh the places you have been. Great inspiration for painting.

Actually, except for the Canada pictures, where my family lives, all the other photos are from within 100 miles radius of home! Oh! I don't think I've posted any of Ethiopia where we lived for 2 years, but that's it. Close to home. Once you start seeing things with artist's eyes, the potential for photos to paint from is pretty much limitless! I didn't know I could do photography or painting till I was 49 years old, and I just can't even express how much that has enriched my life. I feel like I'm seeing things for the first time! Lol


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