Just in case there are some of you who didn't see the earlier post, I am giving you all permission to use my photography website for any reference pictures you might want/need. Feel free, without charge. You may sell your paintings, without fees paid to me, as well. No worries = ) You have it in writing!


Rosemary Clark

Website: www.rosemaryclark.zenfolio.com

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Thanks very rosemary, some very lovely pics in there. :-)


Thank you Rosemary, you are so kind. Your photos are beautiful! I've pinned this discussion at the top so it doesn't get lost.

cool! = )

Hi Rosemary,

You have some beautiful images there. I particularly enjoyed the Platte River series.

Thank you for your blessings to use your images for inspiration. I need to look through the rest, but I've got one or two already on my radar that I want to try.

~ David

Thank you very much Rosemary, I'll take a look!

Thank you Rosemary! 

You're most welcome. Hope there's something you can use = )

Thanks so much Rosemary - your website is glorious!  My husband is a nature photographer and is known in Victoria BC as "Mr. Dragonfly".... I enjoy landscape photography but, as you know, it involves changing lens, etc., and my requests for landscapes don't often happen!  Have you ever thought of putting a book together of all  your wonderful images? Mike has thousands of images on his computer and knows that when he dies the kids will most likely trash the computer and all it's contents.  Last year he put a "Blurb" book together to give to each of his kids and people we are close to. That way he's giving a legacy of part of him that is his passion. I hope you don't think I'm intruding.....it's just a thought of preserving beautiful images! 

Thank you for all those encouraging words! I don't think I'm that good, but I love gallivanting, and I love being outdoors in nature. I get so excited when I see animals that I have to remind myself to breathe! I have made books for extended family, and often give them as gifts to people. They seem to like them alright. I have thousands on my computer too. I finally bought an external hard drive and that's better. It helped me organize them so I can find them easier. I'd love to see your husband's work! Does he have a website?

He does Rosemary, it's www.nahanni.smugmug.com  You'll find mostly ducks & birds and, oh, yes, damsel flies and dragonflies!!  Don't sell yourself short....you know how to work that camera of yours!!  

Superb photos from 'Mr Dragonfly'!! Thank you for sharing Linda.

Thanks for your kind words Carolyn, I'll pass that on to him! He'll be happy!!


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