I have an old dog who has been quite ill the past several weeks.  It is getting pretty hard to keep her comfortable.

I have found that when she is in my studio with me (while I am painting), she sleeps soundly for long periods of time.  

I theorize that because painting is relaxing to me - it spills over to my dog who is pretty sensitive to my mood.  

This may sound a little far fetched to some - but it seems to be working - so I thought I would share it with you.  Perhaps some of you have had a similar experience...


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That is so sweet Sarah, and I don't doubt it a bit that your mood carries over.  My Labradoodle likes to cuddle up to me when I am sitting on the couch doing work on my laptop.  Not nearly as therapeutic as painting, but I am relatively relaxed while doing it, at least most of the time :-)

Glad to hear it works for you, too, Corri.
Glad it makes her feel relaxed. It is good for you both :)
Yes, it is the most relaxed we have been in days.

I know exactly what you're saying Sarah!  I have two aging large breed dogs and they love to be in my little studio with me at night. They drift off to sleep and it's a much more peaceful sleep than their "bedtime" sleep (which is still beside me but in our bedroom!!).  I think it's all about "vibes".  Winters are hard on their aching joints and I know they find it difficult to find a comfortable position. Are you using any medicine to help ease her condition? If only they could talk. I hope she feels better soon.

Thanks, Linda, for your response.  It is always good to know that we have experiences in common!  It is one of the great things about this supportive group.

Unfortunately, my Marigold passed away about a month ago.  I miss her every day.  She was my friend and companion for nearly 14 years and it was really hard to say goodbye.  But I will always have the memories of the time we spent together.  

Marigold completed the Great Loop boat trip with my husband and I without complaint.  She was happiest when she was with me and so long days on the water were fine with her.

Whenever I returned home, she never failed to greet me with enthusiasm and delight and she gave me her unconditional love no matter what - a rare gift.

So it is natural to be sad and to miss her, but I like to think that I carry her with me because of all she gave me.

Hope your dogs are doing well and thanks for sharing your dog story with me.

Have a great holiday!

Oh, Sarah, I am so sad to hear you lost your precious Marigold. I know you miss her everyday but time will ease the hurt you feel...I also know you gave her the best life a dog could ever hope for. It's amazing she traveled the Great Loop with you - her routine would have been all shaken up - but you were there beside her and that's all she needed. What a great bond you two had and don't worry, it's my belief that you will be with her again.

My Cassie is going to be 13 on the 31st of December. She's a Goldendoodle and is a loving, silly, smart puppy at heart! She's been declining health wise noticeably this past year. Sometimes I think dogs should out live their owners :) We also have an 11 1/2 yo Labradoodle....and I know the enthusiasum you're talking about when returning home!! Chaos!! Delight!! Toys!! Humans really benefited when the domesticated dog arrived!

You'll have many good memories of Marigold. I just wish there were words I could say to chase your sadness away. She was a special part of you.

I hope you have a peaceful, loving holiday season with friends and family. Maybe even time to start a new painting!

All the best, Sarah to you and yours,

Thank you, Linda. Your kind words and understanding really help!
So sorry to hear that you lost Marigold! Pets are family. We had a lab for 15 years. It broke my heart to lose Kazan. I never got another dog. Its been 20 years. I feel your pain :(
Thanks, Wenda. I appreciate your understanding and support. It really helps!


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