In between paintings, I have been painting rocks. 

I started doing this with my grandchildren as a fun painting project - and it has morphed into something more - a fun stress reliever for me!

It is like doodling with a paint brush.

The key is no pressure to do it exactly right - just have fun - it is a rock!  If I like what comes out, I keep it.  If I don't like it, no problem because it is only a rock. 

Another nice aspect of this is that people seem to like them!  When friends and family leave my home, they  take a rock with them (which keeps them from piling up).  When varnished, they can be put outside in the garden or near a path.

Has anyone else tried this?  I recommend it if you want a short, fun, low pressure activity using paint and brush.

Examples of some of my quick rock paintings are below. 

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So cute!!! I love the flowers! I've got to try this!

Diane - I would love to see yours when done!

Sarah,  Do you put a layer of gesso on the area of rock you are using before you paint on it?

No - I didn't.  I started these with my grandkids and most are done with inexpensive craft paint.  I did put a couple of coats of clear exterior varnish on them to hold the paint.  There is probably more info out there about the best way to do these, but I was just playing....

When I lived in AZ I painted some river rocks as they were easy to find and very smooth.  Where do you get your rocks? Not so plentiful where I live in MD - rocks are more jagged.   I never did this project but thought it would be fun for a gift for kids: a painted rocks tic tac toe game.

oh, that sounds like fun :)

These rocks came from Lake Ontario in upstate New York and are quite smooth.  I have heard of people painting on rough rocks, as well and think it is certainly doable.  The game sounds like a great idea.  Let me know if you try it!

I just discover your post Sarah. What a great idea!! Linda expressed exactly my feeling. It's really a pleasant present for your friends.

Yes - I have also found this process to be a real stress reliever!


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