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Golden today published their newsletter, which contains two articles regards painting on paper with oils, and with acrylics.  While not comprehensive, it provides a nice overview and pictures of warping that may be encountered.

I have used different papers for doing my colour charts, making temporary palettes, and preliminary sketches.  Most heavy weight substrates designed for water media (or even mixed media) will work for my purposes.  Typically the paper is taped to a flat surface, sealed with GAC100 or Gloss Medium, and then given a single coat of gesso.  This is done just to reduce the absorbency of the paper.


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Darn!  Made an error in original link, then had to try a couple times to correct the error.

Anyone working in acrylics, especially Golden products, should consider subscribing to this newsletter.  It's free, no sales pitches, and just shows up as a link in your mailbox when a new "monthly" issue is posted. 

Thanks for all of the info about Golden resources, Charles.  I intend to sign up for their newsletter.

I have also painted a few times using acrylics on water color paper as it is convenient to carry, especially while traveling.  I try to get the heaviest paper that I can find but have sometimes used paper as light as 140 lb.  I don't think I would want to go lighter than this.

I have followed the same method that you describe -and I believe you told me about it in the first place.  It works pretty well, although I have primarily used smaller sizes (11 x 14 and smaller) so I couldn't speak to what happens with larger size paintings.

I have still encountered some slight curvature of the paper in the end painting, but have been able to flatten the painting again by weighing it down with books (once completely dry and sealed).  I also tend to frame the paintings done on paper behind glass, as I have read they need more protection.

Clearly, I am not an expert in this area, but I wanted to share my experience painting on paper in case it is useful to others.  I would be really interested in hearing about the experience of others in this area.

Thanks again, Charles, for all of the valuable information that you regularly share with us. I have learned a lot from you!


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