Acrylic on 9X12 canvas.  Reference photo used with permission.

I took some liberties with the photograph.  Karen recommended, and I agree, that the fence presents a mental barrier.  Removing a section allows the viewer to move into the painting.  I am gifting the painting to the owner of the photo who has liked this photo for years.  

Palette used consisted of pthalo blue, napthol red, cad red, titanium white, raw umber, alizarin crimson, diox purple, and brown umber (probably forgetting some).  In the third and final iteration presented here, i knocked the foreground trees back by using blended cooler colors.  I like how the two elements of color, the door and the birdhouse, jump out from the rather monochrome background.  

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it is lovely Mike! what a wonderful gift!

Thank you Wenda.

This turned out great Mike! I think your friend will love it! :)

Thanks Karen.

What a nice painting for your friend!  I love the red door on the house being carried to the birdhouse...or is it the other way around!!?!

Thank you Linda.

This is a beauty, Mike.  I agree, it is very appealing the way the eye is drawn to the birdhouse and then up the path to the door of the house.  I like the color that you used in the path, as well, as it brings the viewer right to the door.  Nice job with the snowflakes, too.  What a beautiful painting - such a wonderful gift!

Very nice painting Mike. Like the colors of the snow. Your friend should love the painting!


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