I'm new to painting 4 months now!  I started mid October.   This is a 16x20 on canvas from Yarnell's book on Secrets to Acrylics that he instructs you how to paint.  Any feedback is welcome.  I love landscapes, particularly golf courses and have painted two golf course shots.  I am taking lessons twice a month in a group setting of about 6 people. 

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welcome Lynn:   thank you for posting your painting....  I am glad for you  for taking  lessons.... you did very nicely with this painting...  it is so nice to have the internet  too, and to  follow  Karen's teachings...you can pause  it and go over  it  again, and again...  there is a lot going on in this painting..... did you find it  difficult...?  if you like landscapes there is one on this site... called the Red Tree... and Karen  has a video on it... some of us did the same painting.. and it is posted under  { ALBUMS}    under photos....   your painting is very well done....   are  the golf course shots... an airial view ?   why not post them too... we would like to see them...

thanks Jeannie. Karen's work is amazing and I have been coveting her techniques and style as I learn!  I stumbled on her website and boy, am I glad!  Such talent here.   I liked your rendition of The Red Tree.  I will post my golf course paintings.  They are of specific holes with beautiful landscaping or unique features.  I am an avid golfer.  83 degrees here in Phoenix today (bragging)! and golf tomorrow! 

So...no snow in your back yard I take it Lynn? That's okay - mine neither, but, these Oregonians are getting hit pretty good.

Glad to have you in the community. Your painting looks very good for a 4-month-old painter. :-)  My only suggestion would be to post larger versions of future images so that we can really take in the detail. It's difficult to critique while squinting. hehehe

But it looks great from a distance!

Thanks for sharing.

~ David

Will do David.  I like your work too and your sense of humor on this site!  Makes me smile. 

Welcome Lynn! Nice job - isn't painting fun? Yes, if it was a bit bigger it would be easier to see, but its lovely! I like the soft sky, looks like you are learning quickly! Looking forward to seeing more :)

Thanks Karen,

I love your style of painting and your whimsy with your bird man paintings too!  I have a lot to learn.

Thanks Lynn! I love that about painting - there is always more to learn!

Hi Lynn! Welcome! I'm a new comer (4 (ish) weeks) too. I've learned so much from this site and it's fun to give and get critiques.  Your painting is bold and colorful and is really good for a 4 month painter. It's such a fun and entertaining hobby!  I hope you enjoy this site as well as learning more and more about paint! Look forward to seeing more of your works!

the only  83  degrees  I see here if  I were standing right in front of the wood  stove..!   good for you  for golfing... great exercise.....  can't wait to see the rest  of your paintings....   you can comment on other paintings   here  too.... you have a good eye for  painting.... I am sure you are good at  critiquing also...

Thanks Jeannie I admire your scenes and how do you get those boats to look so real?

this  painting was done from  3 photos...  my husbands    nephews  wife..'s family  summer here,  the boat is her Fathers.. he is a professional fisherman.. fishing for lobster, Cod and  shrimp. etc...    I tried to get the boat  as close to real as I could.... probably if you saw the photo... you wouldn't say it looked  so real.... the boat was the ' main' thing in the painting.... my water is not so real, in color... but I love the color of this blue...  sometimes it may look close to that depending on what the sky looks above....  I am told to make the water more grey... but I don't listen well..... I like to do paintings...  that mean something to me.. like  people painting golf courses... it means something to them...   thank you for your compliment.[   there is a story behind all the little islands  that  surround  the Island of  Newfoundland.....over  70 years ago.. a  lot of people lived in these outports...  they fished and  picked berries  to live....  when nfld  was taken over by Canada... the primier moved all the people   into  the main Island.. many people  still go  back to these little Islands... and summer there.they  have homes.. with generators.. etc....  they say the berries  grow there in more abundance than here, and that makes me very jealous... because I live to pick berries in the fall... I often wished I could have a  tiny little helicopter,  so  I could fly around to all the places, and  pick berries.. it would have to be a two seater, so my husband could go too!  one little  statement... sure brought a big answer  back !!!!!!!!!


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