Hi all,

Just finished this little painting 8"x8" on wrap around canvas, not ready to sign it and call it done yet, still feel its lacking something. I would be pleased to receive CC's and any tips or advice you would be so generous to offer. Very difficult to get to the photo to display the true colours, but this is fairly close. I am still using the same 8 colour pallete as per tutorials.  Thank you.

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Hi Liz!  Lovely!  Are you looking for more "air"?  If so just fade the sky as it comes down to the horizon to almost white and the very distant hills to an even lighter blue green.  That will restore the look of great distance.  The flowers are so well rendered!  Just beautiful!  Great rocks!  WoW! Liz...you can be very proud! Of course, Karen will know just what to do....I think it is grand!

Hi Liz.  I agree with Lynda -- a sky that gets lighter as it meets the hills and lighter, less detailed hills in the background ought to do it.  But the flowers... soooo beautiful!

Lovely Liz! How fun, I love doing little ones. What a great image. You did a great job on the flowers and grasses!

I agree with Malou and Lynda. Your distance will recede more if you lighten up the far hills and the horizon line of your sky. The hills have some dark lines around the fields that are almost as dark as the ones in the foreground. That's that question of values again! I do see that you are well down the right track with the far hills being lighter and bluer already! Well done! I think its just the darker edges that are pulling it back forward.

You did a great job on the rocks. I'm just struggling a little with them. With their Light lights and dark darks and detail, they have become the focal point to me. And that's fine, just want to make sure that is your intent. If not I would decrease the value change (darken the lights, lighten the darks) also, your lights are very cool. Did you just add white to your grey mixture? white really cools a color. To get the feel of the warm sunshine that you have on your fields I would warm those whites up. At this point you could do it with a wash of Quin Gold. Or Cad yellow. Just thin the paint with a lot of water and brush it over the area with a soft brush. Don't use any white or it gets chalky. keep a damp paper towel in hand and you can wipe away any area that you don't like. This is a great way to slightly alter the color in a whole area without repainting it. It also serves to unify the color in the painting.

I love what you are doing with the flowers! I would even add another tall one on the right, but vary the height more, take one of those 2 on the right a tad higher so they aren't just the same height.

Is that a little red butterfly? So sweet! I love him! I'm worried he is too low in the painting, grabbing my eye and pulling me right out! I would put him right up into the tall flowers so he leads the eye back into the painting.

One thing to watch for next time - you want to avoid putting your horizon line right in the middle of the painting.

Hope that helps. Thanks so much for sharing Liz! I hope I'm not being to critical. I don't mean to be it is a Lovely painting! I know you are serious about your art, and I want to help if I can!

Can't wait for the outcome!

Thank you all for your great comments and tips!

The colours in the photo are a little off, but I will certainly be lightening the horizon as suggested, although I did find it strange as the original photo reference the horizon is the darker , must have been a storm coming! anyway I changed the sky completely compared to the reference but kept in some of those pale lavender tones, dont know if you can see that from this photo.

I agree with you Karen re tones, and will lighten up on the darker tree lines in the background hills, also love the suggestion of more flower stalks on the right and will pop a butterfly up there too, not sure if the lower butterfly will need to come out then or just tone him down a little, what do you think?

Yes the wall is the focus in some respects but I dont what it to be overwhealming so will try a glaze over and see how it looks, the lightest tones do have a very small touch of the lavender as per the sky but guess it's lost in the general tones of everything.  I'll try and get a better photo representation next time, after the revisions. I have painted the scene all around the wrapped canvas too,not sure how you feel about that?

All excellent tips and no not being too critical, this is just what I need to improve!  Thank you so much for your imput, cant wait to get those brushes out on this one again. 

Delightful painting Liz.

I'll pretty much echo all the advice that Karen gave especially regarding values and lightening up the background. All good, sound advice.

The one critique I'll add though is regarding the sky. There seems to be a streak of cloud (contrail perhaps) that is a stark white. It goes from the top right corner and ends in the middle of the left flowers. This sticks out a bit much and catches my eye - distracting me from the rest of the painting. The eyes are attracted to bright or shiny things. The little red butterfly that Karen mentioned has the same affect but not to the same detrimental degree as that cloud (to my eyes). When you lighten up the sky, maybe this will be toned down to an appropriate level.

Otherwise - this is a beauty!

Thank you for sharing!

~ David

Thank you David, comments appreciated always, just to mention the painting was sitting close to my window and the sun was shunning through the gap in the blind, hence to lighter streak across the sky. This is another photo, a little closer to the actual colours, but I do agree the sky still needs looking at.

Those pesky sun rays! This looks much better. Thanks for posting it. Now I can stare at the butterfly instead of the sky. LOL

This is a lovely painting Liz....so fresh and light!  I can feel some nice summer air!  My only cc is what David mentioned about the sky, the line that runs from the right and touches the flower on the left. I'd somehow try to fix that. I've been learning so much on this web -site and find the CC 's so informative, and trying to visualize what some of the suggestions have been. I was told a long time ago that white should never be pure...it should always have some kind of tint in it. 

Karen? what is your opinion on the use of white?

Lovely painting Liz!!

Thank you Linda, I mentioned to David that auful bright streak running through is from the sun shining through the blind when I took the photo, and also the colour is not showing true for example the picture below is another I took (no sun this time) and as you can see the colours are different again! Oh well thats an area I need to improve on for uploading but will implement the advice and re-post soon. Thanks all!

ok, Liz, now I see your true sky, and I really like it! I like the whole painting composition and just love the way you handled the foreground flowers.  Nice job!!

Hi Linda - yes only in the tiniest highlights would I use pure white. Especially in a large area it has a really chalky look that doesn't feel natural.

 I  don't know if you are looking for just Karen's advice.. or anyones'... you can always ignore mine if you wish...    you  could make the  sky in lighter tones.... and the farthest off.. land... the   trees  growing in the fields. lighter also.. much lighter....... [ I believe that farmers  either planted them this way to block the wind.. and also separate  crops...]In the  centre field   ' the yellow/ orange fields'    have the trees slighty taller...  and taller again    closer to us...  maybe have  the  rocks  on the farthest right.... one big rock.. instead of   3...  I do like the way you have something growing out of the space.. between them..... I would  leave that there,  but add more ' light' to it... the wild flowers are beautiful......  also maybe add a few  very tall tress.. in amongst the shorter ones...       I hope I haven't confused you or   given you unwanted advice... Jeannie...


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