16x20 acrylic

Something I conquered up with lots of movement  and light.

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Love it Wendy! And it looks like it was a lot of fun to paint, too!

This would be a really fun thing to try. I really need to loosen up a bit and this is gorgeous with its colors and movement!

i dont think i have seen this before. it is a very happy painting full of color and motion. lovely :)

I sold this painting at Christmas time to a women who said she loved the colors, it reminded her of the trip to Barbados she had just come back from.

I was very glad to have some one enjoy it, as much as I loved painting it.


Thanks Wenda

It's a strange feeling for me to sell a painting I really liked but I received $325.00 for it so it helps me feel validated I guess.

And the memory of the great vibe I had when painting it will never be lost.

What an amazing feeling to have your work appreciated!

Congratulations, Wendy!  It is a beautiful painting, so I can see why it sold!

Thank You

Sarah and Wenda.

Its a funny topic.

Why does one sell and others don't?

I believe Karen has posted about this in the past --it's  mindboggling to every artist..

I have paintings I would have night mares if I sold for anything less than a persons soul and yet they hardly get a second glance..

I 'm not sure where I read it --( probably here from Karen ) but The WOW factor has to be in "every" painting---

I guess I have not achieved that. Any body want to chime in?


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