Well it's been a while!!! What do you guys think? Should we do a new challenge?

What ideas do you have?

There has been one vote for a still life challenge. My old age is creeping in and I can't remember who suggested it! I am so sorry!!

I don't do a lot of still lifes, but I know some of you do.....

What do you think?

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Yes please, That sounds fun.  I have time to paint this month.  Looking forward to it. 

That's great Ann!

I can't decide if we should all go with the same photo, or should we all set up our own still life at home and paint from that?

Let's see if we get any more input from the others....

I would love to join a new challenge.  A still life would be great fun.  Karen you could narrow the type of "life" we could choose to paint.  Any new challenge will be fun.  Thank-you!

Won't be able to participate, but maybe it is time.  Instead of a specific photo, maybe a still life incorporating a specific vegetable, fruit, or flower type?  That would give lots of room for individual tastes and still have a common element.

Have not done a still life for many years, but have used in-season fruit for warm up exercises.  Lot of fun with only two colours and a single #12 brush! 

How fun! Haven't done a still life in...still trying to remember.

It was very interesting viewing all of your older challenges using the same photo. On the other hand it could be a creative lesson in composition, lighting, ect. if we set up our own.

Signed, torn between two lovers...(try to get that song out of your head now!)

i have been waiting for a new challenge :)  i do not have the space to set up a still life. (unless i set it up and take a photo, so i can take it down) our cabin is 16x24. my painting corner is very small. what ever you decide on, count me in. 

Sounds like fun and a real "learning" challenge!  I done a couple of still lifes which turned out horrible, so I'm game to paint!


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