Give me some pointers please. This is a 5x7.i know it needs help. Been looking at it too long. Need fresh eyes on it :)


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This is a beauty Wenda! Really lovely. You could leave it just as it is and have a lovely painting!

Your trees on the right are the perfect color and value. Though you have one bluish tree and the others greenish. I would have mixed those 2 colors as shade and light colors throughout that whole area. From there you want a smooth progression to bluer, more neutral in color, and less detail into the background.

Instead you go to more neutral in the trees on the left, and then back into a more chromatic green in the background trees.

The same with the shapes - you have some nice branching shapes on the right, and then go into sort of solid cylinder shapes on the left. If you just break up those edges with some loose brushstrokes, or at least soften those edges I think it would read better. Those types of shapes in the background are fine, as long as you keep the edges soft. But that much closer, you would expect to see a little more of the branches.

And watch out for that one tree "kissing" the edge of the canvas. You want to either take it right off the edge or stop a good amount short.

Your flowers are great! Warmer tones in front, cooler in back. Don't be afraid to add some blueish tones to the white as you move back - for that distance. Any color is going to shift as it goes further away into more blueish tones.

You did a nice job making the flowers smaller as you go back. In the photo you can also really see them standing up more in that mid ground area. Just a few darker stems could help. Don't forget that in the very nearest foreground we are actually looking DOWN at the flowers, so you don't see the sides of them as much. You see that side view further back in the image.

I'm not a fan of having an element block your entrance into the painting as the foreground rock does.  You have left us a way around the rock, which is good. But try placing your hand over that rock and see what you think of the image without it. Beyond the blocking, there is also a lot of contrast there and it is drawing my eye to that area of the painting - which isn't something you really want!

Oh, and the sky. When you take a photo like this it will tend to wash out the lightest area of the image in order to bring the rest of the photo into a more clear focus. So when you paint a photo you have to compensate for that. In the photo the sky just looks white.

You did a lovely job with the soft tones on the mountain and into the sky. And you have added some color back in. It just feels a little too soft for me. Maybe if you get more of the progression of value and color in the trees it won't seem like such a big jump from colorful to pale. But I wouldn't be afraid to add some more color and maybe some cloud interest. It's kind of a large area to have so little going on.

Anyway, those are my ideas Wenda! Hope they help and as always, only use what makes sense to you!! It's your painting and these are all just suggestions :)

Thank you very much KAREN! Ireally think you are right about that big rock! I will do something about that.the blue tree is quite noticeable! Great pointers.i needed help :)
This is an update. Please tell me if i am impproving this painting. I like it better.

Looking good!

I like it better without the rock in front.

I see that you changed the shape and color of the "blue" tree on the far right - I like it except that I did like that variation of color - just not all in the one tree. I'd love to see that pretty color back in here and there in that whole stand of trees...

Also - you have create another "kissing" situation with the side of the canvas and the side of that tree - it was better when the tree continued off the canvas there.

I like the changes you made to the shapes of the trees on the left - just need to get those far back trees more into the blue range now!

As a final touch I will often go back in and redo my lightest lights - they tend to get lost as you are working through changes. That foreground could use a few touches of dark darks and light lights to perk it up!

Nice job Wenda!

Thanks. Will keep working on it. :)

This is stunning Wenda!  Your painting just draws me in.  Leave it!

thank you so much Mike!


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