This is an 18X24 Acrylic on canvas. I liked the idea of the challenge of this simple, narrow street. Was more than I bargained for in terms of trying to get the depth and perspective. Was a fun exercise but now I'm ready for some constructive critique...


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OH Brad, I love this. I can feel my steps along the walkway. Something about your light is off to me though. It seems to me there should be a few more strong shadow areas. And just ever so slightly darker than what you have, but better defined. Anyone else see that?

Yes the light does seem off. Looking at it now I can see that I kind of lost the sunlight. Maybe need to add some sunlight back in as well as some darker shadowing...

Hi Brad!

What a fun and challenging image this is! You've done a really nice job with the perspective. All those forms and lines! Nicely done!

I also like the way you have added richer and more interesting color to the scene.

My observation on this one is similar to my comments on your earlier work.

I see you have already commented about the light. This is a tough scene for that since pretty much everything is in shadow. And it seems to be an overcast day as well. That's okay, it doesn't always have to be about the light! It seems that what drew you to this image may have more to do with the geometric shapes, and the narrow road inviting us into the distance and what lies beyond.

But, then it may be something altogether different for you! The important part is to take some time to think about what you were drawn to in the image - what made you want to paint it?

Then you can play up that concept, and create a painting that tells your story.

So, if it is that path, drawing you forward to new adventures, you want to make sure that comes through.

Depth is created with a few different tools:

Perspective - converging lines, things getting smaller as they go back. You've done a great job there!

Detail - Things get softer, details disappear as you move back. This happens gradually as you move back in a scene like this. Not abruptly. You've done really well with this too!

Value - Things get lighter in value as you move back. With the exception of a bright light and shadow situation. This is often not really visible in a photo, but is something you experience more in life. Pushing this effect gives you a stronger sense of depth.

Color - Color gets bluer (cooler) and more neutral (grayer) as you move into the distance.

The key here is that if something in your painting is in the distance, you don't want it to be the same color, and value as something in the foreground. It's important to show a gradation, a gradual shift. That is another cue to the mind, along with size and detail, that tells it this building is further away than the other.

So in your painting, do you see how those colors and values are pretty much the same going all the way back? Both in the road and the buildings?

Hope that is helpful Brad! I'm enjoying seeing your paintings!

Thanks Karen,

Yes that's very helpful. Kind of excited to get to work on this one a bit more now...

Updated version..

Hi Brad! Nicely done!

I can see the changes you made, lightening up the road in the distance, adding some variation in color on the buildings, very nice!

You have a really lovely painting here!

Now, on to the next one :)

Thank you for your help!

Hi Karen,

Just wanted to let you know that the new and improved version of this painting just got accepted into a juried show in a little downtown art gallery near where I live. Thanks again for helping make it better. :)

That's great Brad! congratulations!

what a wonderful painting! love the finished version. your painting is WAY more inviting than the photo! well done! nice palette, lots of lovely light now :) my arent you brave!

Thank you!

Well Brad, Karen obviously explained it better than I did, but this new version addresses exactly what I was thinking. Lovely!


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