I am trying to paint this scene my son took in Vernon B.C but am having some problem trying to put it on canvas.  No problem with the mountain but major problems with the trees.

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Hmmm. Beautiful photo! You will need to figure out how light or dark they are compared to the other elements. The value. As well as the color. Squint. It's the best way to see the value because it takes out the detail. Just squint your eyes until the detail starts to disappear and you see just a large mass. Try to find the base color first, ignoring the snow. The sun is on the far trees making them warmer in color then the foreground trees. They are a reddish brown color, darker at the base of the trees. The right foreground trees are in shadow and darker then the ones on the left. Those have some weak sunlight on them and so are warmer, you could even add a touch of warm golden green here. Be careful with the green though, there really isnt any in the photo! Once you block in those colors you can add some snow. It's much darker than you think. Not white. Almost peachy in the background. Darker and bluer in the shadow. Your brightest areas will be the sunlit trees in the left foreground.

So, squint, identify the value and color of the large shapes. Just suggest texture with your brushstrokes.

Hope that helps :)


I  can give you a  hint   .... when I paint trees....  now this is when I do it.. doesn't mean it is correct....I paint the distant trees,  and begin with the next  row in..  and on and on... changing the  colors to  darker as I paint closer to me...  I end up painting over  what I have  already painted but there is always a bit of the behind... tree... showing...., and sometimes it feels like a waste of time... but it ends up looking   like  a lot of trees in there.. which is   what is in your photo...  other   people may  paint it in a totally different way.. but my way works for me.....   and that is the way we teach ourselves.. to  try different  things..... ps....   glad that road is sanded well....   you are never  gonna make it back out of there....   to get home !!! ha ha  another ps... when putting the snow on the branches.. it is hit and miss... just like in nature....


I would love to give this painting a try if I have permission to use this photo.  Let me know!



Please go ahead. I hope to go hear this summer and will take a summer photo from the same spot.  Please post your progress as I hope you can give me some ideas. 


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