This is a painting I did. I have many more in my online art gallery. Here is the link to my online art gallery. I hope you find a treasure.

Original West Virginia Acrylic Painting, Nature Scenery, Mountain with Wild Flower Painting on Canvas Board, Wall Decor, Small Painting 8x10

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I hope you all enjoy my discussion I posted.. feel free to comment on what you think of my painting too :)

So, forgive me if I am blunt, but what discussion are you referring to? You joined Karen's site seven hours ago and the first post I see is little more than a link to your commercial etsy store.

Are you looking to share the art and fun of painting with us, or are you merely seeking wider exposure for your store?

Britt said:

I asked Karen if it would be okay. I am using this site to learn new ways to paint and get better. I love painting and it is a huge passion of mine. And besides the link I did post the pic to see what others thought. It is my page right? And I got permission.. Anyways sorry the post bothered you... I'm new and really just all want to get along..

Have a nice day

Britt - Karen's site has been and continues to be a place where artists can share and learn without being pestered to buy one thing or another at every turn; a rarity on the internet. Your initial post did bother me because it appeared to be little more than a link to your Etsy site. A number of the members here sell their paintings, but are discrete about promoting their work when posting. That is where I was coming from in my original post. I would have been much more accepting of a link to your Etsy store if it were on your personal page rather than within a discussion.

My apologies for misjudging your motives. I trust we can wipe this canvas clean and start afresh?

Thank you for your comments Charles. I was afraid some might be offended and I didn't want that.

My thinking was that posting an Etsy or other link would be a good way for people to see what others are doing in terms of selling their art. Prices they are using, what is selling, etc.

Also away to see a larger body of their work if interested.

I think what I will do is start a new discussion Category where people can post their links...

Hope that makes sense :)

My intentions honestly was just good. Thought I could even get a critique on my gallery because it is the first one I have ever done. Still figuring how to take good photos and price right and that is a big part of selling art that I wanted help with.

I forgive you and I would love to wipe the canvas clean! :)

Nice to meet you!

Very nice work Britt!


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