Hi folks, I just can't seem to conquer the little cove - water ripples, and is my sand ok? Yes, I also used a black and white photo for contrast/value guidance, plus printed off a picture of painting as is, the better to judge/see what to fix. Now I am coming to you for a critical eye. Thanks in advance.



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Wow, thanks so much. Funny how obvious it can be with a visual. I struggled with the sand colours, going from one extreme to the other. You have such a good analytical eye for colour/tones etc. I didn't like the shape, or rather, lack of, the shoreline, but was trying to stay true to the pic, since it is in my neighbourhood, and hope folks who know it would recognize it. Now that you have illustrated bringing sky colours in, water colour up, it really clarifies what Charles and Mark were suggesting too. Sand wall, yes that is a good way to put it. I like the way you made the "chart" of colours In the photo, and colours I used. Great visual. Think I will try this with my next painting - before I start, that might help me stay true to the colours. Thanks again, so very appreciate your comments and advice. And I need to learn my warms from my cools!

Thanks for all your help. This is my finished painting, 20 x 20", on canvas. I decided to put aside the reference photo and finish the painting, stopping when I decided I liked it. Just needs the clear top coat, but has to sit a wile first. I realized, after coming across the original photo, that printers don't always print true, and so decided to stop trying to copy the photo I had printed off. The original pic had very little colour, foggy white, grey, browns. I may try it again, true to those colours, but I am ready to move on to my next project. I learned a lot and am happy with the way this turned out.


Very nicely done, Marion! You have made a big improvement in this one. 

Photos rarely show the original colours and values, especially after printing.  The camera sensor manipulates it, the printing process manipulates it, and our computer monitor plays games with it as well.  This is another reason why many artists use photos for reference, but rely on their memory and emotional response to the site for the things that count.

Thanks Charles.  I am really happy with the end result, thanks to a lot of input and suggestions.

I learned also, that my printer at work is very different than my printer at home, when it comes to colour.  Will now be referring back to the original on my ipad more. 

Oh Yeah! This looks wonderful Marion! You ought to be very pleased with your fine self. all your hard work paid off...and Victory!....

"Photos?...Who Needs Stink'in Photos!" lol

lol thanks Mark.  Photos, yeah, sometimes you can just hear them laughing at ya...

It turned out beautifully Marion! Nice one!

Thanks Karen.  Do have to admit I am glad to be done with this one. lol

I feel that way about some paintings too! But sticking with it until you at least somewhat resolve your problems really helps you grow I think. And when it turns out well like this one! Hurray!

Marion, your finished painting is fantastic!! wonderful job  :)  you should be very proud of this end result!

thanks Wenda!


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