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Just started painting a couple of.months ago.  So thankful for instructors like Karen. Starting the journey has been fun and interesting.  Critiques welcome.  Susan

Hi Susan!

Firstly I want to say. that I painted this tut myself and I know, that it´s not easy at all!

One thing that immediately catches my eye is the middle tree - the tree trunk is a little too big where it is touching the ground - too big for the small tree.

Another thing I would suggest to change the color of your background trees to a more bluish shade and lighten it. This would push them back in the picture and give more depth and perspective.

I really like your foreground flowers!

Maybe you should darken the green between the lavender a bit - just where they touch the blossoms, to simulate the stems of the lavender (this was one of Karen´s advices on my lavender field ;))

Well, Susan, I think that´s all I have to say - just one thing: don't let any critique discourage you! -Keep painting!

I really appreciate your critique.  I will plod along.  I might repaint the lavender field picture completely to see what I come up with the second [and hopefully better] painting.

Hi Susan! Nice job!

Eva has some good suggestions for you already. I agree about the background values. I like the shapes you have made back they are interesting - a little different. There is a dark line along the tops of the distant trees that is just a bit too dark to be in the distance. And the greens need to be cooler/greyer/bluer in order to create some distance. The value and color of those distant trees is almost the same as your foreground tree. I have seen this quite a bit in people trying this painting, so don't feel alone there! That was one of the reasons I chose this image, so you can really see how value and color create distance.

I find the trees on the left a little confusing. You have made it into a hill with little tiny trees, even smaller than your background trees, so that would mean it is way back in the distance. Which you could do, but would have to lighten the color and bring the yellow field in front of it...

Nice curving shapes to your lavender. You have kind of a straight line running down the middle though.

Very nice! When you are done with it, post it as a photo and I will add it to the album.

And as always, if you are interested in more in depth help from me there is always the Private Critique.

Thanks for posting! Look forward to seeing more!

Good suggestions all of which, along with the other team members comments, I will incorporate into the next version I paint of lavender fields!  Just those little touches you mention will make such a difference.   Mahalo.


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