I am pleased with my first painting. Your tutorial on youtube was great. This is acrylic on 8"x10" canvas.

My favorite parts are the trees and grasses. Hardest part was the lavender. Any critiques would be welcome.

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This is really nice Albert! Your colors are more subtle than mine which brings a whole new look to the painting.  I love it! Your values are right on which gives you the freedom to adjust the color and still have the realism.  You achieved a great sense of distance, the sunlit field in the back is nice and light and sunny. you've kept your darkest colors in the foreground. I love the placement of your yellow flowers and the variety in shapes you have there.

Just a really great job, and for your first painting! Wow! You are well on your way :)

I'm looking for something constructive to tell you, so I would say be careful of your edges in those background trees. Things in the distance look more distant if you blend the edges so you don't see a sharp edge between the sky and the trees. Not always easy to do with acrylics, you have to work in smaller areas, laying down your strokes and then quickly rinsing and drying your brush and then gently brushing the edges to blend them out.

Well done! Thanks so much for posting :)

Great work on your first painting Albert!!  Karen's demo's are a fantastic place to start learning....loaded with excellent information.  Happy painting journey!

Albert i think you did a great job on this!  i love the softness and light :) paint on! isnt it fun?!


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