I finished this Hibiscus for Helen as part of a set of 3. I'm getting a lot more comfortable with brushes. Next I have to start an oil version of group of tomatoes as part of out art lesson.And yeah, it's acrylic. I don't care for the dull flat look of acrylics so in the future after I scan then I'm going to slap a coat of varnish on them.
Question: What's the general opinion on Grumbacher acrylics? I had 1 tube of cad yellow and it was impossible to just squirt a tiny bit. Regardless how soft I press the tubs it's like......sorry for he visualization but it's the best comparison, diarrhea. A great big splat on me palette with I only wanted a tiny bit. I just threw the empty tube away and I think maybe %20 actually got used. Just curious about s all of their paint like that, just cad yellow, or just that tub. Rant over, carry on.

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I just noticed a few spots where  didn't list my chalk fo guidelines. Just ignore that, now that I said it was there.

Lovely George!

I don't use Grumbacher so I can't address their tubes. what I can mention is that if you use a stay wet palette with a sealable lid you can keep your paints wet and ready for your next project. That way you don't waste a lot of paint even if you do squeeze out more than you need for your current project.

Yeah, I hope to afford one someday.

I made my own. I just bought a shallow organizer with a tight lid. It is about the size of a disposible paper palette. I put a couple of those green and white reuseable wipes then put my palette sheet on top. Works great and cost me about $10. to make.

I'll have to give that a try.Now I just have to either stand by wal mart and beg for the $10...or become a male escort again.

George - have not used Grumbacher acrylics for quite a while.  I did find the paint tended to get thick and unwieldy fairly quickly (have seen the same issue with W&N).  Different companies use very different polymer compounds as the base vehicle and there does seem to be a lot of variation regards shelf life. 

The base also determines the degree of gloss on the dry film, so you may wish to keep that in mind.  I have some fluid acrylics from Blick that dry completely flat.  Not good for painting per se, but great for doing model railroad structures - not many prototype buildings have high gloss paint.  Golden and Liquitex have the relative gloss indicated on the tube label so you can verify before you buy.  If the surface you paint upon is not properly sealed some of the carrier may be absorbed into the substrate.  Often when this occurs the paint film will have a much lower sheen than anticipated.  Lack of sheen may be an asset when playing with subtle values and colours, but for vibrant colours and sharp value contrasts a gloss finish is almost mandated.

Another tip I picked up not long ago regards translucent surfaces (like flower petals).  To get good colour saturation, particularly with darker backgrounds, draw the petal area and then give a coat of titanium white.  Transparent colours in particular will allow the value and/or colour of the background to show through and dull the image.  By using a white background the full potential of transparent colours can be realized.  This is one place where the cadmium colours shine; being opaque, they seldom have issues covering another paint layer.  All of this assumes you are using professional grade paints - student or academic paints typically have cheaper pigments and much lower pigment load than artists paint.



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