People keep asking me if I have any Large paintings..

Like sofa size.

Most say they want it to fill up more of their wall space.

If they say they like a painting of mine ,I tell them  I could reproduce it larger but that would also effect the price a lot .

Most of my 16x20s are 325.00 so I tell them my calculation  and what I would price a 3x4 ft  at and they gasp.

And with out going into detail, they proceed to say "well I can get a 3x4 for at xyz(print that is ) for $ .

I try to stay calm and note that it 's a mass produced print they are talking about and ,mine is an original.

I don't say ,what they really want is just for decorating-not buying art.

Anyone want to chime in and tell their experiences ?


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Sometimes a grouping of "smaller" pieces can be just as effective as a poster.  Maybe you should look at the cost of a large print of one of your pieces and price that out for them, but I think the reality of frame prices would act as a deterrent anyhow.

People are used to seeing these prints at the discount stores and seem to expect the same prices for original works.  Sorry, but it doesn't work that way!  Decorator art is not fine art - it is like comparing a moped with a custom built chopper, or a VW beetle with a BMW convertible.

Stick to your guns, Wendy!

Thanks Charles

I know a lot of artist use the services where you can have your paintings turned into a large prints. And I'm not dissing them for it --money is money.

Seem's we live in a world where it doesn't matter if something is a "one of a kind".

Ahh "the industrial world".

How make chucks can a woodchuck, chuck..   (per hours that is)..haha


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