I am brand new to this site and fairly new at acrylics. Lavender is a bit tricky for me... how can I improve? Simple painting 10" x 8"

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Hi Catherine!

Welcome to the site! So glad you shared this lovely painting with us!

I think you did a great job with it! The lavender is beautiful!

One thing I like to mention that might help you. Be careful using white to lighten your colors in sunlight. whenever I use white I mix in a touch of a warm color - yellow, orange or red usually. This is because if you just add white it will change the color as well, making it cooler. This sometimes looks chalky. Just something to keep in mind! Beautiful painting!

oh thank yo u so much for the reply... I have watched all of your videos, blogs... I am so in love with your work and your instructions! Yes I will correct the white and remember.

I am trying all sorts of painting subject and struggle with human skin tones... if ever you go in that direction!  I have learned so much, you make a difference.

Thank you Catherine! It means so much to me to hear that!

Yes, I find skin tones challenging as well! Like everything else it's important not to think about what you are painting. Try not to judge it by naming it. Instead spend a lot of time just looking, and then paint what you see. Don't decide in advance that skin tones are a certain color. Because depending on the person, the light, the thickness of the skin, what they are wearing, their age - so many factors can make the colors very different. So really look at what is there and paint what you see!

The other thing that trips people up is being too harsh with the lines in the face. Everything is very soft in a face. The darks aren't that dark (often people make eyes look they have black eyeliner) The whites aren't that white (the whites of eyes, and teeth,  are more greys and peaches than white) But again, that comes from really looking, and then trusting what you see!

Hope that helps :)


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