This is a small 5x7 canvas board. Anything that looks a little screwy to you, i would like to know about it. Thanks for having my back :)

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Sorry, Wenda. I am not the one to give you help, but maybe the left water edge is too much of a hard line and is very dark.  I really like your brick work and the color variations.  Hopefully someone will give you more help.      

thank you Ann! i will take all the help i can get! and you are right!

Hi Wanda!

This is an interesting one! Do you have a reference photo?

So which direction is your light coming from? I'm seeing sort of an overall lighting at this point.

What was it you liked about this image? What do you want your focal point to be? You have the most detail in the brick, which draws our eye. But then you have a lot of bright color in the water. And the the lines lead our eye to the snowy field with the high contrast of the white snow and the dark shore line.

Just from a realism standpoint I would like to see more movement and less vibrant color in the water. This looks like a stream or maybe a man made waterway - so it seems like the water would be moving. This would create more ripples, especially in the reflection of the bridge in the water...

Very interesting! Thanks for posting Wenda!

reference photo

thanks for responding Karen, i know how busy you are! much appreciated!

it is pmp so i cant repost it here. your questions are why i posted the painting here. i have an index card with questions on it. after i already got it pretty much painted (i know, dumb) i looked at the card. now i am wicked confused!

i got carried away with the brick works. i think i may tone it all down with a wash or something. the light is actually coming from the field side. you should have seen the water, before i toned that down hahaha. I had a real problem flattening out the walkway. does it look flat to you? i liked the photo, because it was really cool looking through the hole! i keep lightening up the shore line, i am not very good at that, i guess. 

not sure if i explain myself well...

I love seeing your paintings.  Always soft and beautiful with lovely colors.  I love the colors here.  Blues agains brownish/orange ...opposites on the color wheel..supposed to work and it does here. I don't think you went too far on the brick work.  I wonder if in the original, the brick work was part of why you liked the photo.  Something that I have been told about painting in a realistic manner is that there are no outlines in real life.  So I think this is where you might be off on the bricks.  The lines you have painted look more like outlines than shadows.  Im finding its hard to do dark against light without drawing a line but I think that if you tone down some of the outlines of the brick it will help.  Make those "lines" more of a smudge and then within the smudge  paint in some darker broken lines. Don't put the lines  all around each brick but in broken up spots where there would be the greatest shadow.  Look closely at the reference photo. You probably won't see outlines around each brick but rather changes in color and value. I like the way you have painted the underside of the bridge.  There is less light there so less perceived detail and you've done that. Another thought I had is perhaps you could also break up the water line of the reflected bridge.  I guess if the water is completely calm that wouldn't be required so it may depend upon what you are trying to paint.  If  the water is that calm, perhaps the bush would be reflected more.  You could beef up that bush and its reflection. If you do that it may become a focal point because of its position and the values.  You may not want that though. But if you put a bit of movement in the water the reflected line would be broken a bit.  I can see that you have done that in the very bottom of the arc.  You could also pull more blue into the reflection.

 I do like your painting as is.  I think it is appealing and pretty and it is "you".  This is my first real try at a critique so I apologize if I sound like I know what Im talking about and can also do it...I don't and can't lol!

thanks Deborah! i value your eye :)   check out the photo if you want :)

Is it getting better or worse?


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