This was a quick (for me!) Acrylic on canvas 16X24. Trying to capture the feel of this hazy, late morning scene...

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Nice Brad! Beautiful color, nice sense of depth. Lovely sky! I love all the color shifts and subtle gradations. Nicely done!

Those are interesting tall skinny trees! Do you know what kind they are?

I think the only thing I see is that the mid ground hedge seems to be a bit too dark? It seems as dark as the tree closest on the right?

I think if those mid ground skinny trees were just a tad wider - and maybe a tad warmer/golder? They seem almost as small as the ones in the distance...

Love this one! Thanks for sharing!

The skinny trees are Poplars. Thanks for the suggestions!

Nice one, Brad!  You did a good job capturing the warm lighting.  The North American poplars do not have such a tight profile, so it always takes a moment or two to adjust our sense of reality.

This is the type of scene where I find Matte Medium to be a great asset.  It dries somewhat translucent, slightly softening and dulling any lower layers.  By adding a touch of white, it could be used as a glaze to capture the morning mist that shows between and helps to define the many layers of trees.  This would add greatly to your sense of depth. 

Try it on a scrap panel - put the far horizon in and let it dry to touch, then add the glaze.  When that is dry to touch, put in the next layer of trees and another glaze.  And so on . .   Fluid white paint can be mixed with the glaze on the canvas to get the pockets of heavier mist.  After an isolation coat, I would use a satin varnish to help maintain the atmospheric effects.

Gorgeous sky colours as well!

Thank you, Charles. That is an interesting idea. I have never used Matte Medium. I have enough of a struggle just trying to figure out how to use paints :). I do probably need to broaden my horizons a little with products and techniques though...definitely given me something to think about. 

good info Charles. thanks

this is nice Brad! love the varied greens. i think you achieved a real softness,it makes for a nice hazy lazy morning. thanks for sharing.   :)


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