This was a color mixing exercise on a 16"x24" grid - in acrylics, where no two exact colors could touch on any of the square or diagonal lines.  I'm finished for now but would love any and all constructive comments that would help me to learn and improve this painting.  I used an internet picture (of an owl on a post w/moon in dead black background);  everything else I added.  I appreciate all suggestions for consideration.  Thank you for your time


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Mary - you obviously have a teacher who thinks outside the box!  Nice to see they are stretching your borders and imaginations.  It is certainly different; and the more I look at it, the better I like it.  Very cool geometric shapes in the head, and it still comes across as an owl!  You had to observe, simplify, and get creative with colour for this one.  I may have darkened the values in the background sky, but otherwise not sure I could top your rendition.

Great work on a very creative project!

How fun is this!  I agree with Charles, What a great assignment! Simplifying, editing, using color and form creatively. Very cool. This would be a fun idea to use with kids, too I think, with a simpler pattern.

Great job!

Really cool project! Pretty cool to look at too:)
This is such an interesting painting! It boggles my did you plan this out? And the did you get such clean, clear lines? I just don't know enough to give a critique but I'll tell you that I keep going back to look at this painting and I see more each time.

Thanks Deborah, Wenda, Karen and Charles for your comments.  Charles I agree with you - a little darker sky is what I was thinking as well in order to feel more dusk.  Perhaps I will get to that when this class finishes.  One of the challenges with this project was that every time I changed a color then I wanted to tweak others that related in the painting.  So I can't go down that rabbit hole right now, but may do so in the future.  

Deborah, the angled brush and a small detail brush both helped me get thru the details in the grid.  

How cool is this?  It must've taken a couple rolls of masking tape.  The end result is a piece of whimsy I would proudly hang on any wall in my home.

Hi Mike;  Thanks very much for responding - I appreciate your comments.  I actually used an angler brush which worked well so I didn't use masking tape.  


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