I just took Karen's tutorial "Fall" and have never had so much fun painting as I had doing this one!  I immediately fell in love with "Fall" as soon as Karen posted it and was SO happy she had a class where I was able to paint along side her(cyberly) as she explained the "why's" and all the great elements of a great painting. Now I'm asking for critiques from Karen and you other amazing artists.

I have to comment on Karen's tutorials because she's a fabulous teacher and guides you step-by-step through the painting process.  I had one big issue and that is I paint in oils and couldn't find the exact colors as what is available in acrylics. Once I found what would work (as closely as possible) it was full steam ahead!  I learned so much in this one painting it was incredible!! The real focus in this lesson is all about values, so if you are struggling, as I was, this is a great course to take.  I worked through the "ugly" stage and am very happy with the final result. 

Thank you so much Karen! This really was a thrill to pain and now I hope to hear from all you Ilarians how it can be even better!  I think I may put in some more branches in the foreground.  Thanks in advance for your critiques!

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i think it looks terrific, just the way it is Linda :) thanks for sharing!

Thanks Wenda,  I bet you'd really enjoy that tutorial as well!

i really should do it

Wow! It's simply beautiful Linda!

I work in oil also, and it's good to see that you focused on the more important elements such as value, warm and cool instead of just trying to match "exactly" the colors of another medium. I'm sure you have seen even portraits with greens, blues, purple, ect in the faces (not what is suspected), but it works superbly because the color didn't matter as long as the value and temperature is correct. So I think you nailed it here and I'm lost for any suggestions to make it better.

You are so right about Karen, we can all learn so much from her. These are the things that take our work to a whole new level.


This is beautiful. You did a great job with your values denoting distance, and achieving a smokiness look to the distant hills. I am still working on figuring out how to do that.

The trees in the foreground are photograph real-like, so well done.

Thanks Russ!  The tutorial is excellent and Karen leads you step by step through the whole process. So much fun!

Linda, this is very well done.  I took the same tutorial and never got past the "ugly" stage and put it aside until I get more confidence.  Yours is great looking.  It's just so dreamy and mesmerizing.  I would love to have it on my LR wall.

Thanks Mike.  Take the class again when you feel like tackling it. I've read a lot, painted a lot, but this tutorial really explains "values" which make or  break a painting.  Good luck!

Beautiful, love the colours, and texture on your trees.  Like looking out a window at a misty day.

Thanks so much Marion! 

I love this. Very nice job. I hope to take this class soon.

Thanks so much Mike!  Getting through the "ugly" stage (working on getting values correct) is the challenge in this painting, but it's fun working through the steps....and finally getting a close fit! 


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