5x7 acrylic on canvas board. I have worked on this little painting much too long and still had value issues as well as too much detail. What needs correcting? Thanks

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Hi Madeleine!

There are your beautiful bold colors and brushstrokes again! I love it!

I really think the only thing you are missing is a sense of depth. Your color intensity and value is the same throughout, so we aren't getting that. The effect is one of beautiful texture and interest, but if you are interested in a more 3 dimensional image, it will help you to think in terms of "planes"

In this photo I have adjusted your original photo so it isn't so washed out...

So in order to get depth, it's easiest to simplify your image so you have large shapes that are at about the same distance from us - these are the planes.

You can see I've done that with the lines on the photo.

Now, you just need to adjust the values and colors in each plane going back. Values will get lighter as you go back, colors will get cooler and more neutral as you go back.

You will also loose detail as you go back.

So that means, your shadows in the foreground will be darker and warmer and more chromatic than your shadows in the distance.

The same is true for the lights - Lighter, warmer and more chromatic in the foreground, with each plane getting progressively cooler, darker and more neutral.

I tried to create similar lines on your painting - but you can see that it is difficult to identify the planes because your colors and values are all similar.

You have the idea of pushing the color for more interest down pat! Beautiful!

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks Karen,
Everything you suggest is true and extremely helpful especially the division of the planes. My brain knows it but still there seems to b a disconnect to my hand. I will give it another go over and post it. If the results are still wrong, with so much paint on such a little painting I can use it to hold my doors open! Really appreciate your photoshopping it!

Happy to help Madeleine!


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