6x8 acrylic on canvas board. I cropped the picture on the left. I think there iare definite values. Not sure about distance and composition.

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I hope Karen will put the pics both up together here. I think you did a great job on this. you have great light and shadows. I love this kind of painting. :) I thin you got really good distance in there too. really lie the gnarly old tree!

Thank you.

I like the "plein-air" looseness of your painting.  The shadows and light are very well done in my opinion and the brushwork is excellent.  The obscureness of the background trees bring even more focus on your subject.  I am personally familiar with this environment and I love to paint them too.  I will have to look at yours in the future for inspiration.  I cannot find anything to improve but a more discerning eye like Karen's and others may.  I'll be anxious to see where they might improve on this lovely work.

Wow! Thank you. I've been doing a lot of studying, painting and implementing what I learn. Few people ever comment on my work. Your kind words mean a lot to me. They let me know I can improve and someone will like what I paint. Much appreciated!

I like this painting Madeleine. You have a nice loose style I love.

Thanks. Really appreciate the compliment.


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